SHOW # 1703 APRIL 19 2013

A nationwide survey on drug use revealed what drugs people have tried at some point in their life and, assuming you don't wear rose- colored glasses, none of the finding are too surprising.  99% of us have tried alcohol... by far the highest percentage on the survey... while 52% of us have tried cocaine, including 34% of us in the last 12 months.  On that note, America, commonly called the 'land of the free' happens to have the highest rate of incarceration (thank you, drug war!) on Earth.  743 people per every 100,000 are currently in jail.  That's about 2.3 million people (at approximately $24,000 a year).  To put this in perspective, understand that America makes up about 5% of the world's population but about 25% of the world's inmates are right here in 'Merka.  On a lighter note, of all the people who've had sex, 95% of us had pre- marital sex.  In an unscientific study, only 7% of us have had POST marital sex.  Anyway, drugs, booze, prison, sex, whatever:  LOOKING BACK, I'M PRETTY SURE THE MOMENT I LOST MY INNOCENCE WAS WHEN __________ HAPPENED?
Started doing meth at 13... got into heavy at 17
Had to tell her dad she was pregnant when she was 20
Lost his virginity at age 6 to his 10- year- old neighbor.
Was "peer pressured" into trying cocaine and went on a drug bender for the next 5 years
First tried pot at 12- years- old
When he was 14, he saw 'Basic Instinct' and his world view changed
Discovered his brother's porn collection at age 7
Lost his innocence when he discovered 'search engines' on the internet... meaning, when he discovered porn
On his 24th birthday, his girlfriend brought 13 of her stripper friends over to teach one of them the ins and outs of 'oral performance'... using him as a prop
Like a lot of people, he lost his innocence when he discovered masturbation... the thing is, he didn't discover masturbation until he was 17!
At age 7, he found out that his father smoked weed
He was busy being a 4.0 student and athlete... then he discovered weed!  Contrary to what you're thinking, he maintained his 4.0 and his sports
At a house party at age 16, he found a door... to his father's SEX DUNGEON!  Jiggity!  Not sure how I'd feel about that.
OK bitches, the weekend is here and I'm ready to crack this bitch open.  Plan on drinking throughout Greenwood tomorrow night. 
You're sexy and you know it, so until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

04/19/2013 5:56PM
SHOW # 1703 APRIL 19 2013
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