SHOW # 1707 APRIL 25 2013

Justin 'the Biebs' Bieber, on his current tour, has had two occasions where he tried to hide something from authorities... and has failed both times. In Germany, authorities confiscated his pet monkey, and more recently, in Sweden, a small amount of 'narcotics' was removed from his tour bus.  Of the two things he's had to surrender, he only wants one of them back... and it's not the monkey.  Speaking of hiding things; during yesterday's 'Shot of the Day', we toasted a guy in New York City who got busted for stealing an iPhone 5... after police heard his butt ringing.  Yea, he'd hidden it in his rectum, but the owner called and his ass rang.  Hiding things in your posterior blowhole is nothing new, of course, as drug mules have been stuffing balloons full of heroin (and other assorted goodies) for years.  More recently, a guy was busted for trafficking marijuana (55 pounds worth), when cops found his stash in a full- size pac- Man game.  Police probably got suspicious when the guy tried to convince them that people still play Pac- Man.  Original idea, but not good enough.  Everyone has hidden something... but the bad part is when that thing you're hiding is found.  WHAT WERE YOU HOPING NO ONE WOULD FIND... 'TIL THEY FOUND IT?
Was growing weed in his closet as a teen... he went out of town and came back to discover that his mother had found his grow operation; probably because it was in his closet
Had hidden a pipe in his backyard when he was 15... everything went well until his dad went to install a new fence and had to dig up the yard
Her mother found her $300 bong, her ounce of weed and her pack of cigarettes... like any parent, her mom freaked, but her freak out was amplified because the were 'strict Mormon'
Kept all the 'sexy' pictures of the women he'd been with before his wife... his wife found the pictures
Had the misfortune of opening a closet and discovering their stash of anal lube.  At that moment he learned a lot about mom... or maybe dad
Tried to hide the fact that he was a virgin... the woman he was with figured it out when they started having sex
Had a collection of JC Penny's catalogs in his closet when he was 10... it was all about the bra section
His step- mother found a massive collection of his girlfriend's sex toys when he was 18
He left his pocket p*ssy in the shower... his mother found it.  Awkward
Sh*t!  Got distracted by the NFL draft.  My bad.  Gotta go, bitches.
Until tomorrow, rock, roll and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/25/2013 5:29PM
SHOW # 1707 APRIL 25 2013
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