SHOW # 1708 APRIL 26 2013

The Jackson family; father Joe used to physically abuse the sons that made up the Jackson 5, Jermaine, the second oldest son, started having a relationship with younger brother Randy's ex-girlfriend after he divorced his second (of 4) wife.  They had 3 kids together, in addition to the three kids she'd already had with Randy.  Janet Jackson almost single- handedly set television and radio broadcasting back 50 years (seriously) after her surprisingly ugly nipple was visible for exactly one half of one second on live TV, and then there's Michael... accusations of pedophilia and confirmations of out- of- this- world weirdness followed the King of Pop everywhere... deservedly so... and in spite of all this, it's sister LaToya who has the ability to make the family cringe when she opens her bizarre mouth.  Most recently, she admitted that she's been consulting a psychic (and why wouldn't she?) and what she discovered is that Michael is watching over his kids from the great beyond... and, according to LaToya, he's doing it while tap dancing.  Seriously.  In honor of LaToya, and her ability to make even one of the most ridiculous families look more ridiculous, we wanted to know:  WHAT FAMILY MEMBER MAKES YOUR FAMILY LOOK BAD?
His family in Louisiana... as he says; political views aside, their response to anyone who disagrees with anything they say is "f**k you!".  Although, being that they're from Louisiana, I imagine they say, "f**k you... ah, ah, ah!"
His brother... used to get drunk and fight anyone for any reason... he's since sobered up and only fights family members.  Baby steps
His grandmother is currently dating her own step- brother
Toss up between his alcoholic father or his mother, who married his sister's drug dealer
His cousin... 4 kids by 3 different women.  No diploma, no GED, collects welfare and child support
Although his  cousin is 24 now, he first went to rehab at 12... it didn't work and he hasn't changed his ways
Her... she's a self- professed bitch, drunk and slut.  Don't know about you, but I like her
Her Aunt Frances... 7 kids with 6 different men (impressive), she's on Welfare, and three of her seven kids got pregnant between the ages of 13 and 15
His entire family makes the entire family look bad
His mother was in the Hitler Youth in Germany... then again, so was the last Pope
OK bitches, the weekend is upon us.  If you're not doing anything tomorrow night, come down to Studio 7 in SoDo and check out Windowpane.  Castle and I will be playing a few songs with them.  Love playing and Glenn from Windowpane is the f**king man.  Should be awesome, and Studio 7 is my kinda joint.
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/26/2013 5:57PM
SHOW # 1708 APRIL 26 2013
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