SHOW # 1710 APRIL 30 2013

Yesterday, 12- year- NBA veteran and current player Jason Collins became the first openly gay male player in the four major American sports when he came out yesterday.  Personally, we don't care, but in the homophobic world of sports, admitting that you're gay is news... at least it is for Collins because he's the first to do so.  Whatever.  Good for him.  'People' magazine, inexplicably, named Gwyneth Paltrow 'the Most Beautiful Woman in Hollywood'... narrowly beating out Joan Rivers and Rosie O'Donnell, I suppose.  Whether you think Gwyneth is beautiful or not, most people agree that she gives off an extremely pretentious, uppity and silver- spoon vibe... and THAT'S why we were shocked to learn that when it comes to grooming her nether regions, she just lets it go... or, as she said on the "Ellen" show, "I work a 70's vibe.  You know what I mean?"  Yea, baby, we know what you mean.  And then there's actress Catherine Zeta Jones who admitted that she's bi- polar.  Not sure why that qualified as interesting, but I guess it's because she's an actress.  Who knows?  But, as far as getting TRULY shocking news, few people can top the British guy who, after almost 20 years of marriage, found that the woman he loved used to be a man.  Every- so- often, the monotony of our lives gets bitch- slapped and shaken up when we find out something we never expected:  WHAT DID SOMEONE TELL YOU THAT BLEW YOUR MIND?
Got shot in the arm while serving in Afghanistan, which isn't terrible shocking... he didn't KNOW it until a medic told him
One of his former friends once shared the story of the time she INTENTIONALLY swerved her car to HIT pedestrian... and left him for dead
Found that his nephew had been shooting heroin for the past 3 years... to his nephew's credit, he confessed to it
Had his mind blown when his ex called to mention that she'd tested HIV positive... turned out to na false positive
Friend of 25 years just told him that he was getting a sex- change operation
Found out his mom was married before being married to his dad... he only found out because he intercepted one of the letters that the guy was STILL sending his mom.  The guy was serving life in prison for murder
His adopted cousin had a two year sexual relationship with his birth sister... to this day, neither of them know
Her daughter's boyfriend told her that he was transgender
Was at sea for 11 months when one of the guys on the ship discovered that his wife had just had a baby.  Do the math
Her husband of 8 years asked her if she'd be interested in swinging... she said sure, met another guy and got together with him on a permanent basis... he first husband committed suicide as a result
Actually listened to some new music today... something we rarely do.  Here's the link
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, shuck it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/30/2013 6:04PM
SHOW # 1710 APRIL 30 2013
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