SHOW # 1711 MAY 1 2013

So far, so good... at least that's what the local authorities are saying about THIS year's May Day.  Sure, a few people with bandanas covering their faces yelled some profanities at the police, but overall, there are no repeats of LAST year's May Day, when self- styled "anarchists" went on a property damage rampage downtown.  May Day, if you don't know, is supposed to celebrate the nation's workers, but it's morphed into a rally for workers' rights because no one likes being kept down by the man!  On that note, fans of the Washington Nationals find themselves in a battle regarding The Wave... you know the Wave... that endless and annoying non- celebration that sports fans just LOVE to perform at live events.  Anyway, at National's Park, where the team plays, there are two groups of people; one of them HATES the Wave, the other group LOVES the Wave.  Recently, a woman was thrown out of the game by security for doing the Wave.  Meanwhile, there's all kinds of controversy going on right now about the possibility of performing background checks for potential gun buyers, there's a plastic bag ban in Seattle, pit bulls are banned in multiple jurisdictions across the country, you're supposed to smoke 25 feet away (or farther) from public doorways, weed is still illegal in 48 of the 50 states, etc.  IF THE MAN IS KEEPING YOU DOWN, WHO IS THE MAN?
The Department of Revenue... he owns 2 businesses and D of R is a real pain in his ass
Women in general
His girlfriend doesn't appreciate his drinking... well, she doesn't appreciate how OFTEN he drinks.  Welcome to the club
The CPS (Child Protective Service) because he believes that parents should be able to spank their kids.  I think parents should be able to spank OTHER people's kids!!!
The WSU Administration for not letting him dip at the library
His landlord also owns the land on both sides of his current rental house... sold the property for condo development and now his view is disappearing and has the soft sounds of construction every day
Tacoma meter readers... he's gotten 9 parking tickets in the last month... and, naturally, that's THEIR fault
The banks... he's trying to get additional loans for the business he already has but they've screwed up his credit rating by consistently inquiring about his credit rating... which devalues your credit rating.  See how that works?
His old boss in the military would prevent him from getting in front of promotion boards, etc, while he was serving in Afghanistan, saying, "you're not ready yet".  Ironically, after that boss killed himself (yea), the military promoted him to his old boss's position
OK bitches, I'm outta here, but before I go, ask yourself, "is this banana worth my life's savings?"  The answer is no.
Until tomorrow, eat, drink and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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05/01/2013 5:26PM
SHOW # 1711 MAY 1 2013
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