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SHOW #1715 5/14/13

A 19- year- old Arizona State University student drank 20 shots of tequila and passed out with a blood- alcohol level of 0.47... about 6 times the legal limit.  He'd been involved in a drinking contest.  Typical college stuff, to be sure, but what makes his story more interesting is that his friends left him in a wheelchair in a hospital lobby with a Post- It note stuck to him explaining what happened.  Criminal charges could be filed against the friends who left him there.  Meanwhile, NBA player and all- around strange dude, Dennis Rodman, is inexplicably friends with North Korean lard- ass Kin Jong Un.  So much so, that as controversy swirls around North Korea detaining American citizen Kenneth Bae, Rodman fired off a tweet to Kim Jong that read, in part, " me a solid and cut Ken Bae loose."  We'll just have to wait and see if the Korean Chubby does Dennis that 'solid'.  
Friends are friends, but sometimes they just let you down.  Maybe they owe you money, or they're jealous of you or they gave you the worst advice you've ever followed or maybe, just maybe, they left you in a hospital lobby with a Post- It note stuck to you.  WHEN DID YOUR FRIENDS NOT DO YOU A 'SOLID'?
Friends filled his truck bed with manure on the night of a big date
His buddy (inexplicably) told his ex-wife a story of drunken debauchery (that included a misplaced deuce)... wouldn't have been that big of a deal except that they were involved in a custody battle and she used the story against him
Passed out in his living room... his roommates put baked beans down his pants.  Thought he'd sh*t himself when he finally woke up
His friends left him in the middle of the street after a car accident.  He was ejected and landed on the road.  His friend's left him there.  And that's just ONE of the reason's why crashing a stolen car is a bad idea
Pain in the Grass 2013 is going to be f**king insanely awesome.  It just is.  The Gorge?  Awesome lineup?  Sheeeeeiiiittt!  Anyway, Jolene brought us on some audio samples of this year's delights.  Here's the link 
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05/14/2013 5:46PM
SHOW #1715 5/14/13
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