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If you're planning a trip to Disney World, you know you're gonna spend a lot of money and you know you're gonna stand in line for hours for a crack at riding the rides.  Well a company called Dream Tours Florida can help reduce how long you're stuck in line.  See, for $180 an hour or $1040 for 8 hours, Dream Tours Florida will give you a HANDICAPPED tour guide.  Under Disney policy, a guest in a wheelchair can take up to six other people with them into special access lines... which take only minutes instead of hours.  

Before you get outraged at their 'new' service, you should know it's an OLD service, and Manhattan elites have been taking advantage of it for years.  Now you know.  We all recognize that celebrities have a different set of laws that apply (or do not apply) to them, but every- once- in- a- while they ARE subject(ed) to the same justice as the rest of us, and on those rare occurences, the celebrities try to play their status card.  Think of America's "sweetheart", Reese Witherspoon's encounter in Georgia.  Based on her status she didn't believe that aithority applied to her.  Ridiculous.  Anyway, it leads to today's question:  IF NEED BE, WHAT CARD CAN YOU WHIP OUT AND WHAT ADVANTAGE DO YOU GET FROM IT?
His father was a Seattle City cop and he would drop his name everytime he got into trouble... and he got into trouble a lot.  He was even busted for drugs and weapons but avoided doing any time as a result of his paternal hook- up.  However, his father eventually forbade him from using his name anymore.
He's a disabled veteran and can visit any National park for free.  I'm not sure that's the greatest payback for his service, but he likes it
Uses his military status to get out of DUI's... or, in other words, he drives drunk too much
Works in the world of deliveries, and as a result, he can pretty much park anywhere, anytime... whether he's delivering anything or not
He's actually disabled and waits in line for nothing
She has boobs... big, lovely ones... and she uses them to her advantage as much as possible. 
He's from Michigan, and his family runs one of the wealthiest businesses in the state... they make seats, but they make seats for planes, trains, cars, stadiums, arenas, etc.  Gets special treatment at lots of different events
As a result of being a Native American, she gets free medical and dental
OK bitches, I'm outta here!  I shall return.
Until tomorrow, hit it and quit it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!

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05/15/2013 5:48PM
SHOW #1716 5-15-13
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