SHOW #1717 05-16-13

A woman in Edmonds was arrested earlier this week and is facing animal cruelty charges.  Yea, she had 14 dogs, but was only legally allowed to own 5, but that's not why her neighbor tipped off police.  See, she was FIGHTING dogs on her property and after years of hearing the abuse, a neighbor made a vidoe and told the police.  Earlier this week in Port Angeles, a guy named Barry Swengle was in a longstanding dispute with neighbors over property lines and a fence.  His response was to hop in a bulldozer and completely demolish his neighbors' house and cars.  And yesterday in Georgia burned down his neighbor's house because he believed that that neighbor wasn't taking good enough care of his "unkempt" lawn.  With these stories in mind:  WHAT WOULD YOU STEAL OR DESTROY OF YOUR NEIGHBORS?
His neighbors are (Gypsy) hoarders and he would like to knock down their home and completely clear the lot
Wants to steal his neighbor's wife for one, passionate, hot, sexy, sweaty, smelly night of monkey sex
Wants to specifically destroy his neighbor... not his property, but the man himself
Would like to destroy his neighbor's "ugly" car.  It's a classic car that hasn't been and, seeminly, will never be, restored
As a result of his neighbor's love for country and western music played at a high volume, he'd really like to steal their stereo and speakers and destroy them
Wants to destroy his neighbor's yappy little terrier because, frankly, it acts like a yippy little terrier.  My neighbor has a yippie little f*king terrier and, seriously, I hate that thing
Wants his neighbor's "big- ass" flat screen TV.  He feels like his neighbor is tempting him since he always watches the tv with the curtains open
Would very much like to steal his neighbor's karaoke machine... not because HE sings karaoke, but because he hates listening to his neighbors sing karaoke
Likes his neighbors just fine, but she hates their trees
Windchimes... doesn't mind or two, but his neighbors have a yard FULL of them and he would like to destroy them all
OK bitches, frankly, I have to sh*t, so I'm gonna go ahead and say 'peace'.  Peace!
Until tomorrow, slap yo pappy and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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05/16/2013 5:26PM
SHOW #1717 05-16-13
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