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So here's a new term for something that anyone in a relationship is already aware of; it's called "Netflix adultry"... which is the act of watching an episode of a TV show without our significant other... even though they'd wanted to watch it with you.  It's not limited to TV shows, of course.  Ever watch a movie on on- demand or whatever, only to hear, "I wanted to watch that!", followed by a reprimand for being insensitive?  Or maybe you decided that you wanted to eat something different than your partner for dinner and it becomes a "thing".  There are certain things that, for, whatever reason, your partner thinks you MUST do together, and that's what we wanna know today:  WHAT DOES YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER INSIST YOU DO TOGETHER... OR INSIST YOU DO APART?
Oddly, his insists on going with him to strip clubs... doesn't think he'll cheat (it's a strip club, after all, not a brothel) but she loves strip clubs.  He doesn't want her to go because SHE spends too much money
In addition to EVERYTHING ELSE he does, she ALSO wants to accompany he and a friend to the gym.  That's the one he hates most
His girl insists on going to his favorite bar with him... which removes it as his 'favorite' bar
Her boyfriend likes to watch tv togehter, however, he talks through all of the shows and it drives her crazy
Her husband insists that SHE hang out with him and his friends (???) but she hates his friends. 
She hadn't given it much thought until we asked the question today, but it occured to her that she and her husband do absolutely nothing together.  We're sure HE was aware of that and we hope we didn't ruin it for him
Both he and his wife reace cars, however, they never race together
His wife wants to do EVERYTHING together, to a "maddening degree".  What's up with that?
OK bitches, the weekend is here.  Let's it get cracka- lackin'.  Shout out to Kevin from Metal Shop, who has filled in dutifully for Ben all week while Ben spent time in Spain for his honeymoon.  Anyway, check out Metal Shop, bitches and give Kevin some love.  Say whatever you want to Ian.
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!

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05/17/2013 5:46PM
SHOW #1718 05-17-13
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