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105 years ago today, in 1908, the first horror movie EVER premiered in Chicago.  It was a 16 minute silent movie with a familiar name; "Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hide".  The same story has been recreated over and over (think "The Incredible Hulk"), but as the FIRST horror movie, it scared the living bejesus out of people and a new genre was born... and we've been spending money to scare ourselves to death ever since.  Most of us, however, would NOT spend money to face our REAL fears.  If you're scared of heights, you probably don't visit the Space Needle, if you're scared of clowns, it's unlikely you wanna go to the circus and if you're scared of snakes, well, the reptile house at the zoo is probably not for you.  Everyone has a fear or a phobia and today we didn't just wanna know WHAT you were scared of, we also wanted to know how and when you figured out that you were scared of it:  WHAT SCARES YOU THE MOST AND WHEN DID YOU DISCOVER YOU'RE A SISSY- BITCH?
Spiders... grew up in So Cal where there are tarantulas... his grandfather put one on his shoulder when he was a kid and he hasn't been OK since
Clowns... like a lot of kids, she saw "It" and was ruined... a few months later she was at a parade and a clown charged at her.  That didn't help
Being choked... his MMA buddy choked him out once and it freaked him out
Tornadoes... generally, being scared of a tornado wouldn't take any explanation because, you know, it's a f**king tornado, but in this case, he had to hide under an overpass at age 13 while a tornado whirled overhead.  Said it was him and a bunch rats and mice hiding together
Like me, he has a healthy respect (absolute fear) of chimpanzees.  They're furry murderers
Solitary confinement
Eels... he was snorkeling in Hawaii when an eel popped out and scared the sh*t out of him
In spite of (a) being a lifelong fan of horror movies and (b) 24- years- old, 'Paranormal Activity' scared him to the point that couldn't sleep until he drove to his parents house and crashed on their sofa
Terrified of being trapped in a falling elevator... one trip to Disney Land's Tower of Terror did the trick
Bugs in general, but centipedes in particular
Honey Buckets...his cousin once locked him in one and tipped it over.  He went down a 100 foot embankment, covered in blue stuff and poop.  Got all manner of infections, etc, spent a few weeks in the hospital
His own blood... not the sight of blood itself, but his own blood
Scared of feet... human feet.  It's weird because we're assuming she has 2 of them

In honor of Doors' keyboardist Ray Manzarek passing from cancer, we decided to pay homage to the top 10 rock ORGAN songs.  Top THAT!
OK bitches, I'm outta here. 
Until tomorrow, slap and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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05/21/2013 5:50PM
SHOW # 1720 MAY 21 2013
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