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It's one thing to gain weight because you're over- eating, but what if your over-eating is the result of emotional anguish, like the woman who eats three pints of ice cream after a break- up?  The Germans have a word for that.  You know when you're about to introduce two people to each other and at that moment you forget one of their names?  There's a Scottish word for that awkward moment.  Who hasn't been tapped on the shoulder, only to turn around and discover the tapper standing behind your OTHER shoulder?  There's a word for that too... if you're Indonesian.  And you know how some people (women) can't resist the urge to squeeze or pinch something that's irresistibly cute?  There's a word for that in the Philippines.  Let's face it, there are universal situations that everyone has experienced, but there's no specific word for it.  WHAT EVERYDAY SITUATION OR THING NEEDS IT'S OWN WORD TO DESCRIBE IT?


-The act of checking your toilet paper after you wipe.  We all do it and it's understood why, but there's no word to describe the act.


-If you stub your toe, or get hit in the b*lls, there's that awful second or two BEFORE the pain arrives, and you try to brace yourself for the hurt.  Needs to be a word to explain that moment.


-The look on your, and everyone else's, face in those few seconds BEFORE they sneeze.  Everyone has the same face and everyone knows what the face means.  Needs a word.


-When you pee or sneeze and unexpectedly fart


-When you walk into a room and completely forget why you walked into that room, that needs a word.


-That moment you see something really bad happening but you can't do anything about it


-The 'thank you' or the 'sorry' wave in traffic.  Needs a word


-When your woman's long hair gets stuck on or in your clothes


-There's one piece of food left (i.e., a cheese stick, chicken wing, etc) and no one wants to look like the 'greedy' person so no one eats



Ever wonder what the best 'handclapping' song is?  Me neither, but that's what we covered today during Sit and Spin.  Here is the link:  Enjoy.


I'm outta here, bitches.


Until tomorrow, trust your turkey and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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05/28/2013 5:27PM
SHOW # 1724 MAY 28 2013
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