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We talked (briefly) yesterday about a couple in Pennsylvania who were arrested for felony child endangerment after they were spotted on the Pennsylvania Turnpike with their 10- year- old daughter riding in the bed of their pickup truck... in a dog cage... with the dog.  Terrible idea, but the parents explained that they were placating their daughter who had ASKED to ride with the dog in the cage in the back.  Kids ask for a lot of things, but sometimes you just have to say no.  That would have been a good time for that. Meanwhile, a woman in India was convicted (wrongly) of murder 19 years ago.  Her bail was set at $180, but her husband at the time abandoned her and no one else came up to the plate, so she spent the better part of two decades rotting in jail.  However, at the time of her conviction, she was pregnant, so she gave birth to a kid 4 months into her sentence.  After spending his life in orphanages, her son raised the $180 to spring his mother and, earlier this month, she walked out of jail.  That's a good kid.  The things we do for family we would seldom do for anyone else on Earth, and that is today's question:  EVEN THOUGH IT WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA, WHAT WERE YOU WILLING TO DO FOR FAMILY OR FRIENDS?


Had a friend's car registered in her name because he didn't have a license, as a result of too many outstanding tickets... he was popped for driving without a license, she had to pay to get the car out of impound


Her friend's husband bit another man's nose OFF during a bar fight... she drove him home from the scene


Knew that a kid's parents were abusive, but he caught the kid stealing.  He debated whether or not he should tell the parents... he did and the kid got the sh*t beat out of him


His felon friend brought guns on a camping trip and fired them... when the authorities arrived, HE took the blame so that his friend wouldn't go back to prison


Snuck into a clinic and hid his "clean" pee so that his buddy could pass a drug test


Had a grow operation with his brother, but his brother had priors and was looking at 5 to 10 years in prison when they were busted.  So, instead of watching his brother go to the big house, he took the fall for both of them and got 6 months because he had no priors.  Meanwhile, his brother went to jail three times during that time


At a concert, he held drugs for a friend who was on probation... naturally, he got busted


OK, I'm outta here for the day.


Until tomorrow, eat biscuits and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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05/29/2013 5:37PM
SHOW # 1725 MAY 29 2013
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