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Michael Douglas, the man who claims to have gotten throat cancer as a result of performing cunnilingus with someone infected with HPV, is now saying that he DIDN'T say that... in spite of being on TAPE saying EXACTLY that.  Anyway, faulty science aside, everyone started speculating whose nether- regions Michael was referring to.  His ex- wife, Diandra, has already issued a statement that her vagina is free of HPV, so SHE'S not responsible.  That marks the first time we know of a press release about a vagina, but I guess she had to defend herself.  Justin Timberlake had to defend the size of his penis after breaking up with Brittney Spears, Usher had to fight rumors that he was a drug addict after his divorce and Paul McCartney was labeled "physically abusive" during his divorce from Heather Mills... and all of that might be true, but, let's face it, as break- ups are generally ugly and emotional, so are the rumors about you when it's all going down.  With that in mind:  WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SET STRAIGHT FROM A PREVIOUS RELATIONSHIP?


Regardless of what his ex- wife says, he is NOT gay! 


He would like everyone to know that he doesn't still hate his ex for walking out.  Most of us hate them because they stuck around!!!


He was not responsible for the other's drug relapse


On a dare, he got a Brazilian.  A few days later a woman saw it, when it was bumpy and growing back, but she interpreted the bumps as being Herpes


Wants to make it clear that he didn't stay with his ex and additional 2 months because he couldn't bring himself to leave... he stayed for two additional months because the sex was fantastic


He's STILL not sure if the kid his ex had 14 years ago is his


He never spread rumors that his ex was gay... it's when she started dating other women that people figured it out


She's white, her ex is black... when they broke up, he accused her of and spread rumors about her being a racist.  In spite of the obvious flaw in his theory, people believed him


He would like it if his ex would stop saying that he hit her



Ever wonder what the artists you enjoy say about you as a person?  Me neither, but that didn't stop Jolene from sharing with us the 'personality traits of fans' of certain types or music or of certain bands.  Here's the link for you to see if you agree:



OK bitches, that's a wrap.


Until tomorrow, smoke it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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SHOW # 1729 JUNE 4 2013
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