SHOW # 1730 JUNE 5 2013

A Los Angeles- area attorney was arrested in Vegas after he, single- handedly, trashed a luxury suite at a hotel.  The broken furniture, stained carpets, shattered glass and broken bed cost about $100,000.  He doesn't remember doing it, of course, because he was super- drunk.  Meanwhile, a 28- year-old man in Serbia ALSO got super- drunk... and THAT'S why he doesn't remember climbing halfway up a 70- foot- high bridge and going to sleep on a 4-foot wide girder.  Authorities, very quietly, rescued him.  Anyone who's ever had too much to drink, suffered a concussion or had a massive adrenaline rush knows that odd feeling when you have no idea how you got to where you are.  Hopefully there's someone around to help fill in the blanks... thus, our question:  ALTHOUGH I DON'T REMEMBER, MY FRIEND TOLD ME I ______________.
Woke up in the drunk tank downtown after going to the Solstice Parade in Freemont
Passed out at a party in Granite Falls, but woke up in his bed, 10 miles away in Marysville
Went to Aruba with $500 in his pocket... woke up three DAYS later with $20,000 in his pocket.  Apparently, he won big ($56,000) at a casino and spent the next three days blowing through $36,000 via partying.  Doesn't remember ANY of it
Peed in his friend's work locker
Camping... fell INTO the fire, picked a fight AND got dumped by his girlfriend all in one night
Went out on a Friday night in Germany... woke up on Sunday... in Spain
Had a 3- way with two hot chicks and doesn't remember a single thing.  That's the worst
Danced with a bunch of hotties at a bar, fell all over the dance floor and walked around the bar naked.  The aristocrats
Got into a fight with his woman, passed out, but woke up long enough to pee on her and her bed... how did the girlfriend react?  They're married now
First time he met his girlfriend's parents, he got piss- drunk and a little outta control, so she put in the shower... he ran out naked to say goodbye to her parents... not that he remembers.  On the bright side, that was 8 years ago and they're still together
OK bitches, I'm outta here.  Have yourselves a fine evening.
Until tomorrow, stare at strangers and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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06/05/2013 5:39PM
SHOW # 1730 JUNE 5 2013
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