SHOW # 1732 JUNE 7 2013

A statistician at North Carolina State University decided to analyze different words and/ or pronunciations that different parts of the country use to describe the same thing.  You already know most of the words and have probably had arguments of your own.  Is it 'CAR- mill' or 'CARA- mel'?  Is it 'pick- ON' or 'PEE- can'? Why do some people call it a 'faucet' while others call it a 'spicket'?  And is it a 'rotary', a 'traffic circle' or a 'roundabout'?  In honor of bassist Chris Squire and his dope- ass bass line, I call it a 'roundabout'.  Do you drink soda, pop, soda- pop or 'a coke'?  For the most part, how you say anything depends where you were raised, how you were raised and when you were raised.  Today we wanted to find your inner hillbilly or urban trubador and find out WHAT DO YOU SAY DIFFERENTLY... AND WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE?
Thanks to my mother, I've always called 'oysters', 'oySH- ters'.  Finally getting a handle on that. 
As for some of you:
Crayons is pronounced '
Almonds... pronounces it 'AH- mands'... blames his father
Mountain is pronounced 'mou'in'... and I have no f**king idea why
He's from Louisiana ("looosianna... ah, ah, ah!") so instead of a 'Laundromat', it's a 'wash- a- teria' and he doesn't go to the supermarket to 'get groceries', he goes to 'make groceries'
A large amount of something is a "grip"
Has always pronounced 'thrift store' 'DRIFT store'... his mother is Swiss, so it's her fault
As his wife is from Dallas, he says "howdy y'all" and any non- alcoholic beverage is 'a coke'
From Hawaii, so he calls flip- flops 'slippers'.  also hear people call them 'thongs'
Referring to the car or the large cat, he says 'jag- you- arr' as opposed to 'jaguar'
OK bitches, the weekend is here and I'm ready to get it started.  Tune in next week when the Men's Room 'goes green'.  It's an experiment we're gonna try to see if you, the listener, can identify which one of us, on any given day, is stoned to high heaven.  Good times.
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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06/07/2013 5:16PM
SHOW # 1732 JUNE 7 2013
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