SHOW # 1733 JUNE 10 2013

Today is Monday, so we did the Random Question... so, as is always the case, I'll just ramble on about something else entirely. 
Oh yea... it's "Weed Week" on the Men's Room all week.  Each day before the show this week, a name will be pulled at random from a hat (it's a cup, actually) by a random person.  Whoever's name is pulled will get completely baked before we go on the air, and then we'll see if you, dear listener, can figure out which one of us is stoned to the bee- Jesus.
See, on Friday's show, I had the f%$king hiccups as we went on the air.  When I get the hiccups it's a 2 to 3 day affair, and the only thing I've discovered to get rid of them is weed.  Thing is, I try not to get completely baked before we go on the air.  After I mentioned this, Miles asked, "would anyone be able to tell the difference?"  To find the answer to this profound question, we came up with "Weed Week"... explained above. 
So today was the start of it, and as luck would have it, MY name was pulled from the hat (which, again, is really just a cup).  Anyway, as I write this, I'm very, very, very stoned.  Word is, I partook of Alaskan Thunder- F**k. 
Anyway, I'm high and it's been awesome.  Just finished a bag of Doritos.
All I got today. 
Until tomorrow, hot box it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

06/10/2013 5:39PM
SHOW # 1733 JUNE 10 2013
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