SHOW # 1734 JUNE 11 2013

According to a new study, women aren't fully mature, mentally, until age 32, while us guys don't fully mature until age 43.  I'm not entirely sure I agree the working definition of 'immature behavior' provided by the study, but maybe that's because I'm immature.  Based on the study's list, immaturity can be summed up as 'losing one's sense of humor', and/ or 'losing the desire to have fun'.  Regardless, it seems that most of us reach that point by a certain, average age.  Ever been told "act your age"?  If so, you can answer today's question:  WHAT IS A GOOD EXAMPLE OF HOW YOU DON'T ACT YOUR AGE?
He's 24 and still wants to egg houses... on some level, I completely understood, but then he added that he wanted 'relive the high school days' and it just became sad.  I don't say that as an insult, I say that because it really was sad
He's 38 and still gets blackout drunk from time to time.  I'd like to say that's immature (maybe it is) but I can relate
He's 23 and loves cartoons
25 and loves Disney films... not Pixar, mind you, but Disney.  I didn't like Disney flicks when I was a kid.  They sang too much.  Hate musicals.  Don't know why, but they make me angry. 
43... enjoys the playground; swings, jungle gyms and the monkey bars in particular
His 6- year- old nephew lives in a vegetarian household... but that didn't stop him from taking him to McDonald's to enjoy the processed wonders of fast food.  The kid LOVED the french-fries... and ate them until he puked.  Kid's mom was not pleased
Had his car painted to look like a Transformer... he's 38, and the car in question is his everyday car.  Then we found out that he ALSO has a 'show me your t*ts' bumper sticker... so we let him know that the bumper sticker might be worse than the car
Dry- humps his wife A LOT.  Gotta admit, that makes me smile
Just watched the Transformers cartoon... on DVD
21 and has already QUIT drinking.  Started when he was 14- years- old and went hard
In honor of "Weed Week" here in the Men's Room (it was Ben today, by the way) Jolene brought us the 'Greatest Stoner Albums', according to Rolling Stone.  I think the folks at Rolling Stone would know.  Just sayin'.
Anyway, here's a link to the stoner soundtrack: 
Alright bitches, that's it for the day.  I enjoyed your company.
Until tomorrow, rise like the Sun and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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06/11/2013 6:08PM
SHOW # 1734 JUNE 11 2013
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