SHOW # 1736 JUNE 13 2013

Maybe you remember the Taco Bell employee who was fired recently after pictures were posted on-line of him licking a stack of taco shells.  Taco Bell, for it's part, says they're fairly reassured that the picture was just a prank and "that none of those shell were served to customers".  Maybe.  I worked in restaurants for 12 years, and in my experience...  Well, now it's Wendy's turn for this kind of thing.  One of their employees was photographed drinking a Frosty directly from the machine.  He's been fired... understandably... but these things happen, and they happen more than any of us would be comfortable knowing.  The reason we don't hear about it is because most people don't photograph themselves doing it.  We all have examples from our own pasts.  IF IT WAS ON VIDEO, I WOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED FOR THE TIME I DID __________.
Smoked weed on the roof of the restaurant he managed every Sunday... during brunch
Sold weed and gave free gas to buddies when he pumped back in Oregon
Would have been fired the time he nailed the boss's 16- year- old daughter on his desk (he was 17 at the time)... while the boss was out having lunch... with his wife
Had sex with a random chick in the liquor room at a club he worked at... on duty.  Wouldn't have gotten fired for having sex, he would have gotten fired for having a woman under the age of 21 in the liquor room
Masturbating in the break room
Sucked all the nitrous out of the whip cream at the bowling alley he worked at
Got a hand job from a temp at his previous place of employ
She worked as a receptionist and if things were 'slow', she'd sit at her desk and masturbate.   I'd hire her!
Worked as a cable installer and once took a sh*t in someone's back yard during the job
There were plenty more stories but, frankly, it's getting late. 
Oh yea... I was the stoned one today as we continue the celebration we're calling "Weed Week".  Little crazy at the top of the show, but once you start flowing, it's all good.  Or maybe I just think that.  Too high to know. 
Until tomorrow, keep it stinky and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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06/13/2013 6:47PM
SHOW # 1736 JUNE 13 2013
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