SHOW #1737 JUNE 14 2013

Former Rolling Stone bassist Bill Wyman recently confessed that the band used to forge each other's autograph.  It wasn't a joke they were pulling, it was a time management thing anytime they could sign stuff out of public view.  So, if you have autographed Stone's memorabilia, but you didn't see them sign it, it may have been signed by A band member... 5 different ways.  That's OK, according to a new survey (there's always a 'new' survey) one- in- four women aren't sure that the man raising their child is actually the father.  Ironically, on a first date, 68% of people worry about making sure that the other person really is who they say they are.  And, apparently, more than half of people who attend music festivals go for the sex and drugs... not the music.  So, maybe you've faked a degree or lied on your resume or maybe you're NOT an astronaut... today we wanted to know:  WHAT ARE YOU OK WITH PEOPLE BELIEVING ABOUT YOU EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOT TRUE?
Yeaaaaaaaaa... for the third of the five days of WEED WEEK! here in the Men's Room, I was the lucky winner to have their name drawn.  So like Monday and yesterday, I did today's show stoned outta my mind.  Little better prepared than I was yesterday... which is ridiculous since I was stoned Monday too.  Anyway, for me personally,WEED WEEK! has been outstanding.  Hope you enjoyed it too.
The weekend is calling my name, bitches.
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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06/14/2013 6:35PM
SHOW #1737 JUNE 14 2013
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