SHOW # 1741 JUNE 20 2013

Are you familiar with porn star Stoya?  Well, her father, like most fathers of porn skank, is upset that she's in porn.  UNLIKE most fathers of porn skank however, her father doesn't care that she has sex for money... he's upset because her popularity has thrust her onto a bunch of different porn sites... including the one's he likes to frequent.  Now he can't avoid seeing her unless he stops watching porn altogether.  We've all got problems.  Just ask Ed hardy.  Tattoo fans know Ed as, well, as who he is, but a few years ago, his clothing line seemed to be worn by every trendy wanna- be in America.  Ed Hardy, however, specifically blames ONE person for making his clothing line "uncool"... and that person would be John Gosselin.  And 38 years ago today, in 1975, beaches saw a steady decline in business when Steven Spielberg released "JAWS".  People's view of enjoying the ocean changed dramatically.  Today, we wanted to know:  WHO OR WHAT RUINED IT FOR YOU?
His ex- girlfriend opened his eyes to how selfish, greedy and demanding a woman can be, so has avoided relationships ever since
Used to love corn on the cob... his septic tank overflowed one night and when corn- encrusted turds started bubbling up to the surface, his appetite changed.  Not sure whether I should laugh or cringe.
Her older sister ruined her singing career by constantly making fun of her singing voice
Strapped himself into a knee- board... flipped it over and almost drowned
Went to a whorehouse in Germany... the prostitute tried to up the price AFTER they had sex... he (rightfully) argued and ended up getting the sh*t kicked out of him by a large Russian guy.  Yea, she ruined hookers for him
'Twilight' ruined vampires and werewolves for him
The stalker and the married guy she met on the online dating site ruined her on online dating
Her "slutty" older sister ruined premarital sex for her.  Her sister slept with approximately 40 different guys by age 18 and had herpes by 17
Got into his mother's bourbon when he was 11- years- old... that was 35 years ago and to this day, he can't even smell it without puking
Met three women in a row on an online dating site that had herpes.  Maybe you shouldn't go to 
Ok bitches, I'm outta here.  Just a reminder to join us Saturday, June 29th, for Men's Room Original Red Fest.  Why?  Drinking outdoors?  Sure.  Live music?  Absolutely.  Food trucks?  Of course.  Check out our Men's Room Suit of Armor.  Oh, f*ck yea.  Seriously.  Had a suit of armor commissioned specifically for Red Fest.  Is that ridiculous?  well, sure, but that's what we do.
Until tomorrow, suit up and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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06/20/2013 5:25PM
SHOW # 1741 JUNE 20 2013
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