SHOW # 1744 JUNE 25 2013

$3900 is a lot of money to spend on ANY article clothing... or so I think.  Maybe not for a fur coat, but, frankly, I don't know... or care.  However, even if $3900 IS a deal for a fur coat, it would really depend on what type of fur we're talking about.  Well, a company in England is offering a $3900 fur coat made ENTIRELY out of male chest hair.  Seriously.  We don't know how many men shaved their chests to contribute to this creepily odd jacket, but it took about 200 hours to stitch together.  If you ARE interested in a chest hair jacket (and you really shouldn't be), you'll probably ALSO be interested in bidding on one of the 32 items formerly owned by Monica Lewinsky that were confiscated by attorney Kenneth Starr during impeachment hearings all those years ago.  Sadly, the blue dress with then- President Bill Clinton's semen stain will not be part of the auction.  We wanted to know:  WHAT DO YOU OWN OR DO THAT OTHER PEOPLE MIGHT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH?
Carries a concealed gun everywhere
He's a "gay furry", meaning he's gay and excessively hairy... I've met him and he's both
Owns 15 snakes (including a 50 pound, 9 footer) and one bearded dragon... which we, of course, used as a euphemism for a vagina
Owns a lot of gun, which people are ok with, but he cleans them on the front porch... which pisses off the neighbors
Was given 2 black widow as a wedding gift because she's always been into bugs... eventually gave them to the Woodland Park Zoo
She's a real falconer... and uses the falcons to hunt rabbits
He photographs Seattle escorts... USED to be a dominator (??? make version of a dominatrix) and used to physically beat the sh*t outta men for sexual gratification
Currently dating a black chick, but not everyone in his family is OK with that.  The good news is, no one else in his family is dating her, so what's the problem?
Collects flashlights... seriously... and has over 100 of them.  Drives his wife crazy
Our biggest Pain in the Grass EVER is coming up this September, and in addition to the big national acts we'll have gracing our stages, we also have a handful of local bands that'll be there to feed you some delicious, homegrown rock and roll flavor.  These are the bands we featured today.
For no particular reason at all, I decided that what our fine radio program needs is its own suit of armor.  Yea, that's how MY brain works.  Anyway, we got it made and here are some pictures of it.  If you'll be at Red Fest this Saturday, and you should be, you will see the armor in all it's glory.  Keep in mind, it's a 5 hour event this weekend, so I will not be rocking the armor the WHOLE day, but it will be around.  Enjoy.

Until tomorrow, eat pancakes and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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06/25/2013 5:59PM
SHOW # 1744 JUNE 25 2013
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