SHOW # 1753 JULY 10 2013

This past Monday in Texas (San Antonio, if you care) a guy was at home with his girlfriend when his EX-girlfriend showed up and started yelling and acting like, well, an ex.  The guy decided he didn't wanna deal with her bitching, and in true Texas fashion, he grabbed his shotgun and tried to shot the ex.  Instead, he shot his CURRENT girlfriend.  Awww crap.  Meanwhile, the New York Mets organized a Native American Heritage Day for a home game on July 25th.  They organized it with the American Indian Community House and it's scheduled to be a day celebrating traditional dance and song.  Turns out that on that day, the Mets will be playing the Atlanta BRAVES.  Awww crap.  And then there's Wanda Lee Ann Podgurski, convicted on 29 counts of insurance and disability fraud.  She was sentenced to 20 years in jail, but instead, she fled the country and tweeted to U.S. Marshalls, "catch me if you can".  As a result of her tweet, Marshalls tracked her down and caught her.  Awww crap.  Today we wanted to know:  WHAT HAPPENED THE LAST TIME YOU SAID 'AWWW CRAP!'?
While wrestling, a "huge, fat" dude went off- script, climbed up to the top rope and did a backflip onto him
He was in Russia a few weeks ago, went to the airport and realized he'd booked the wrong flight
A few weeks ago, picked up a few POUNDS of weed, was followed home and was raided a few weeks later.  He wasn't arrested, but about 30 other people were
When a cop caught him peeing outside... with an open beer... and a bunch of weed in his pockets... and FIVE warrants for his arrest.  Awwww crap!
When he accidentally used tanning lotion while masturbating.  Turned his junk orange for 10 days
Got stabbed in Beverly Hills
When he had a kid... at age 14
OK bitches, I'm off to jam on the bass.
Until tomorrow, dispute the suits and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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07/10/2013 5:33PM
SHOW # 1753 JULY 10 2013
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