SHOW # 1754 JULY 11 2013

It's no secret that Justin Bieber has redefined what it is to be a douche bag.  Day after day there's a story about him doing something asinine, but sometimes you've gotta give the guy a break.  Not often, but sometimes.  Case- in- point, he was in Chicago for a concert and the concert was at the arena that serves as the home of the Blackhawks... who just won the Stanley Cup.  Anyway, he was in the locker room, where the cup currently resides, and he touched it.  Apparently, you're not supposed to touch it unless you are a member of the winning team.  More than that, he was standing on the Blackhawks logo when he touched it.  Standing on the logo is another no- no... in spite of the fact that the logo is located on THE FLOOR... where people tend to stand when gravity is doing it's job.  Personally, I had no idea that you weren't supposed to touch the Stanley Cup OR stand on a team log... neither did Bieber... but that's how it goes sometimes.  You don't mean to break the rules, you just didn't know the rules existed in the first place.  Today we wanted to know:  WHAT DID YOU GET IN TROUBLE FOR THAT YOU DIDN'T KNOW WAS WRONG?
Got one year probation for taking his OWN mailbox.  He was replacing his rusted one
Got suspended in 6th grade for drawing stick figures shooting at each other.  I thought that kind of thing was a NEW form of idiocy.  I used to draw the same thing every chance I got
Got arrested for building a Tee- pee at a camp ground.  Didn't know that was wrong
At 6- years- old, his parents sent him to a Jewish day camp, even though he wasn't Jewish.  One day they made kites... for some reason, he drew Swastikas on his and it went over about as well as you'd think
Pulled over for rolling his wheelchair backwards in a bike lane. 
Grew up a military brat and lived all over the world.  Moves to the states, so imagine his surprise when the teachers at school were upset when he showed up with beer on his breath
Booted out of a bar in Louisiana for wearing a plain white t-shirt... apparently it's "gang related"
Drank apple cider vinegar to try to cover for a pee test.  The vinegar tasted so bad that he brushed his teeth, but his toothpaste had baking soda in it so his mouth started foaming like he was rabid
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, light my fire and STAY BEAUTIFUL!

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07/11/2013 5:28PM
SHOW # 1754 JULY 11 2013
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