SHOW # 1755 JULY 12 2013

It's well established that women will always lie about their weight and men will always lie about penis size.  It's such a given that we lie about these things that it's a wonder why anyone bothers asking.  However, researchers at Indiana University figured out a way to get guys to tell the truth; they offered men in the study custom made condoms that would fit 'perfectly' and make sex feel better.  With that promise in mind, the 1,661 men in the study gave HONEST answers.  Truth is, everyone lies about something, depending on the subject.  WHAT ARE YOU MOST LIKELY TO LIE ABOUT?
How much money he made on his last fishing trip in Alaska.  Made more than he's (smartly) willing to share with friends and family.
How much he spends on video games, tools and electronics
What he's REALLY doing in the bathroom and why he's taking so long.
Lies to get extra time off from work
His sexuality... he's from a small town and has run into problems because he's gay.
Says he's from Georgia because it's better than saying he's from West Virginia.  Don't know about that.  That's like saying you have herpes because it's better than having syphilis.
His education... lies and says that he's LESS educated than he really is.  Oddly enough, he misspelled most of his text.  Just sayin'
How much money she won at the casino OR how much money she lost at the casino
OK, gotta roll, bitches.
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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07/12/2013 5:37PM
SHOW # 1755 JULY 12 2013
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