SHOW # 1760 JULY 24 2013

The word 'etiquette' is defined as "a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class or group".  In layman's terms, 'etiquette' is when you pretend to be a decent person because other people are looking or listening.  'Etiquette' is why you don't (or, you're not supposed to) ask a woman if she's pregnant... or her age... or her weight... or pretty much anything at all.  Well, the folks at opened up a discussion yesterday where guys could ask women "inappropriate" questions and the women provided honest answers.  Imagine that!  In the meantime, it got us thinking; at some point in your life someone has asked you something you found offensive or inappropriate... and today we asked you:  WHAT'S THE SINGLE- MOST OFFENSIVE QUESTION ANYONE HAS EVER ASKED YOU?
Away we go:
Had a seizure in a grocery store... when he came to, a woman asked him if he was retarded
When she was little, she had a bob haircut and was asked why she was wearing a dress... since she's a boy
She's in her 40's and people ask 'why' she doesn't have kids
Former soldier and is offended every time a fool asks, "did you kill anyone?"
He's been asked more than once; "does your facial hair grow in 'white trash- like', or do you shave it that way
"What's your immigration status?"  He's NATIVE American, not Mexican.  As a native, he should ask everyone ELSE what their status is
He's always had man- boobs, but when he was in high school, he was asked if he was a "boy or a girl". 
She's a natural redhead  and is tired of being asked "do the carpets match the drapes"?
He's black and was asked if he knew who Martin Luther King Jr is?  Yea, he's the guy whose name is used on streets to let tourists know that they're in a black neighborhood
Car salesman would ask a customer if his wife would "take it in the brown"... as in the CAR COLOR
Has a big nose... people always ask if he's Jewish
"Are you in yet?"  It's only offensive if the answer is 'yes'.
OK bitches, I'm calling it a day.  Day.
Until tomorrow, sell the world and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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07/24/2013 5:47PM
SHOW # 1760 JULY 24 2013
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