SHOW # 1761 JULY 25 2013

Across the NFL, training camps are opening up this week at all 32 teams prepare for the 2013 season.  The Seahawks opened camp today and they're predicting upwards of 2500 fans to show up.  If you're an NFL fan, training camp is an exciting time for predictions and pontifications.  In fact, the people who seemingly hate NFL training camp the most are the NFL players.  Turns out that extreme exercise in the heat is not a very popular pastime for the players.  Who knew?  Subsequently, most people get very excited about the weekend... except those poor souls who work in hospitality, specifically those who work in restaurants.  I did it for 12 years, I can promise you that the weekends are universally hated by everyone in the industry.  Just one of those things.  Today we wanted you to fill- in- the- blank:  EVERYBODY LOOKS FORWARD TO _________ EXCEPT ME!
The "royal baby".  I have to agree.  Hope the kid is healthy and all that, but why does everyone care about people they don't know having a kid?  Never understood that. 
Was a DJ at a strip club for a few years and now hates going to strip clubs.
Doesn't look forward to the Blue Angels at Sea Fair because (a) it's the exact same thing every year (like 4th of July fireworks) and (b) the traffic always sucks
Game of Thrones... he's never seen the show, but decided that he hates it anyway
Hates warm weather, i.e., summer
Doesn't look forward to Christmas because he's a Fed-Ex driver
His birthday... says he doesn't like to make a big deal about it, but he called us ON his birthday
Strip clubs... his buddies enjoy going to strip clubs, and while he has no problem with it, he's gay, but no one knows
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, lick it, stick it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

07/25/2013 5:58PM
SHOW # 1761 JULY 25 2013
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