SHOW # 1765 JULY 31 2013

A man in Illinois has the unfortunate distinction of being the first... and, thus far, only person diagnosed with eproctophilia.  What is 'epoctrophilia'?  Epoctrophilia is when a person is turned on by the sound AND smell of flatulence.  Seriously.  As researchers put it, 'he's not sexually attracted to the flatulence, but the person releasing it'... which would make ME the sexiest man alive.  That's weird... but so is synesthesia, a condition where stimulation of one sense triggers others.  There's a man in Canada who is only the second person to be diagnosed with synesthesia, and in his case, the James Bond theme makes him horny, baby.  Actually, he described it as "orgasmic".  It doesn't lead to the 'big O', but instead, the big "double O... seven".  (YYEEAAAA!!!)  We've all got weird things that turn us on... some weirder than others, and today, that's what we wanted to talk about:  MOST PEOPLE MIGHT NOT GET IT, BUT ___________ TURNS ME ON!
Big band and jazz music from the 30's, 40's and 50's.  ah yes, the voice of Louis Armstrong gets me every time too.
"Big, burly, hairy men"... in other words, Thee Ted Smith
Snow.  I don't get it.  What does he think of Frosty?
She's a tattoo artist and gets turned on when chicks squeal or squeak or moan when they're getting inked
She likes 'pasty, freckled' men, preferably with beards
He's attracted to pregnant women.  Well, if nothing else, at least you know you won't get them pregnant
The smell of cigarettes and a certain perfume called "realities", which he experienced at a strip club when he got his first lap dance.  Basically, he likes women named Tammy
Car grease.  Her boyfriend is a mechanic
Leather sofas 
When his woman yells at him
Cocaine... in a man's beard  (???)
"Thick" women.  Dated a chick who lost weight and he dumped
People with messed up teeth.  Likes 'dental' pain.  Turns him on to the point that on a "good" day, he'll floss up to 16 times a day.  It's his version of masturbation
Yea... based on what we heard today, I'm pretty boring and unimaginative.  I'm ok with that.  I think I'm just always horny, so there's nothing in particular. 
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, smell my finger before you pull it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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07/31/2013 5:38PM
SHOW # 1765 JULY 31 2013
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