SHOW # 1769 August 7 2013

There's a story making the rounds right now that has the internet all abuzz.  In a nutshell; a rich South African couple and their trust Jack Russell terrier were on a three- month sailing trip up the coast of Madagascar on their yacht... like so many of us before them.  The yacht hit a reef and sank and all three of them went into the water.  As the husband swam to shore he made the decision to rescue the dog first and get it safely to dry land.  THEN he swam back to get his wife.  Obviously, the rub here is that he rescued the dog before his wife.  I have a wife and a dog... I don't get the controversy.  When I go out drinking and come home all f**ked up, guess which one is HAPPY to see me.  Go ahead, guess.  A few years ago, a guy in China found himself in a similar predicament; his boat overturned and he chose to save his wife before he served his mother.  Both women survived, but the dude got a wrath of sh*t from his father for his decision making.  Today, we asked you the hypothetical 'who would save' question:  WHO ARE YOU OBLIGATED TO RESCUE, WHO WOULD YOU REALLY WANT TO RESCUE, AND WHAT POSSESSION WOULD YOU SAVE?
As far as the answers went today, let's just sum it up this way; possessions are all over the place; guys would (generally) save something technological while women were more likely to save something sentimental.  No surprise there.  Male or female, most people felt obligated to save their spouse, but no one sounded very happy about it.  Who they WANT to save was their dog.  Seemed that anyone who owned a dog would prefer the company of their pet over the company of their spouse.  There were a few exceptions... a FEW... but overwhelmingly, it seems that dogs really are man's (and woman's) best friend.
Otherwise, today was fairly uneventful, other than my gas.  Sure, I fart a lot, but today, the sounds were monumental.  Had one that sounded like someone was opening the door to a haunted house.  That one was special. 
OK, that's all I've got.
Until tomorrow, Vaseline is your friend so STAY BEAUTIFUL!

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08/07/2013 5:16PM
SHOW # 1769 August 7 2013
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