SHOW # 1773 August 13 2013

On our show today, Jolene joined us for Sit and Spin, where we covered the "15 Most Hated Bands of the Last 30 Years".  These aren't necessarily the worst bands of the last 30 years, but they're those bands that you just couldn't get away from... try as you might.  That's just how things work.  I've never been a fan of listening to the radio (weird, I know) but that doesn't mean I didn't hear "Don't Worry, Be Happy" or "Smooth" 10 million f**king times anyway.  On that note, I don't watch 'Entertainment tonight' or 'Access Hollywood' or any of that crap, but I cannot escape the vapid reach of Kim Kardashian.  If the woman farts, we hear about it.  Again, she's not the most annoying woman in the world, but the constant barrage of 'info' regarding her makes me hate her.  Meanwhile, Forbes Magazine rated Seattle the "most miserable sports city".  Keep in mind, it's not a lack of passion that earned the number one spot, it's the fact that in 115 cumulative seasons, Seattle's major professional sports teams have earned exactly one championship... and that was in 1979... by a team that is no longer in existence.  Plenty to hate if you're a Seattle sports fan.  We all have to endure something (Facebook) that everyone else seems to enjoy and that's today's question:  IN YOUR LIFETIME, WHAT IS THE MOST ANNOYING THING THAT YOU'VE HAD TO ENDURE?
Dated a girl for 6 years... she loved Hanson... for all 6 years
Macklemore... she knows he's local, but she just doesn't like his music but everyone gives her crap BECAUSE he's local
She delivers pizza and has to put up with people who don't tip.  Tip the f**king delivery driver.  They brought the food to your door so your lazy ass doesn't have to do anything.  Besides, when you tip well, you get better service in the (near) future.  Believe me
Auto- tune... thankfully, the auto tune fad (as we know it) didn't last very long.  The REAL evil that auto- tune has bestowed upon us is that "singers" like Brittney Spears and J- Lo have had careers built around the fact that their out- of- tune singing is corrected, thus; we have to endure their existence.  They can't sing.
The Army... he spent years in the service, did a few tours and didn't leave impressed
His wife; he didn't have the regular complaints, it's that she likes to talk about sex, but never actually wants to HAVE sex
'Reality' TV.  My beef with 'reality' tv isn't the piss- poor programming, per se, it's that America ends up flooded with 'celebrities' that have no viable talent other than to be an assh*le.  Honey- Boo- Boo?  Kim Kardashian?  Paris Hilton?  The 'Real' Housewives?  Snooki?  Gordon Ramsey?  Nene Leakes? 
Cigarette smoke... grew up with both parents smoking multiple packs a day.  Hated the smell then, hates it now
Traffic... Seattle traffic in particular.  Traffic here truly sucks, but as much as people like to blame the drivers, a case could be made that our traffic engineers finished at the bottom of their class
Oh yea, we went through the "15 Most Hated Bands of the Last 30 Years" and what we discovered is that Thee Ted Smith pretty much likes or liked all of them.  Here's a link:
Until tomorrow, protect it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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08/13/2013 6:07PM
SHOW # 1773 August 13 2013
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