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The news world is all aflutter today after the CIA finally acknowledged the existence of Area 51.  Obviously, there's no word on what goes on there, but they finally admitted that, yes, area 51 is a real place.  Not sure anyone didn't already know that, but the CIA finally confessed.  Now, that wasn't so hard, was it? As far as confessions go, telling people what they already know isn't so tough, but sometimes, sharing something they DON'T know can be a little troubling.  Take the guy who just sent a letter to 'Dear Prudence' for advice.  He's a widower of five years (after his wife was killed by a drunk driver) but he's met a 'new' woman and they're preparing to move in together.  They haven't told her parents about their relationship yet... because the 'new' woman in his life is the younger sister of his dead wife; i.e., they're OTHER daughter and his former sister- in- law.  Awkward.  And this past Wednesday, WWE star Darren Young came out of the closet during an impromptu interview at LAX.  Yes, some people were shocked that a man who oils his body and wears spandex briefs is gay.  So, today's question:  WHAT DID YOU ADMIT, OR WHAT DID SOMEONE ADMIT TO YOU?
Former Army buddy confessed that he's gay... then added that he wanted to open a flower shop
Came out of the closet after finding out that two of his close friends had gotten together and had sex.  Turns out that all three of them are gay but none of them knew about each other
Came back from basic training and ran into an old friend... few days later he gets a bunch of dirty texts, flirts back, sets up a future booty call and THEN discovers that he'd been flirting with his gay buddy... who he didn't know was gay.
His debate teacher came out of the closet to a bunch of students
Not every answer involved homosexuality...
Just last week he got a promotion at work.  His new title; electrical administrator... then he proceeded to severely shock himself
Years after the fact, he admitted to his friend that he not only f**ked his mom, he got her pregnant!  She had an abortion... but only because her husband (his friend's father) had had a vasectomy so there was no way to 'pass it off'.  The aristocrats
During his high school days, a friend of his turned around with his pants down and announced that he was uncircumcised.  He wasn't trying to be funny, he was really upset about it... which makes the whole situation sad and pathetic
His girlfriend admitted using her dad's (a sheriff) gun to threaten her PREVIOUS boyfriend.  He ended things immediately
Dated a guy for awhile and after they broke up he set his dog on fire hoping to win her back... because he's f**king crazy
His friend very recently informed him that the moon glows because of it's "special" soil, not from the reflection of the giant ball of nuclear fire known as the Sun.  He said this because he's a f**king idiot
OK, bitches, that's a wrap for the week.
Until next time, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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08/16/2013 5:23PM
SHOW # 1776 August 18 2013
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