SHOW # 1780 AUGUST 29 2013

Jerome Corsi, a Tea Party activist, was speaking earlier this morning at an event in Oregon.  Among a bunch of other stuff he was talking about, Jerome offered this personal nugget of 'wisdom'; "sex is not about fun.  You want to have fun, read a book."  I don't know that anyone could offer a statement any farther from the truth and, obviously, I'm not alone in that assessment.  Contraception, Viagra, Cialis, prostitution, polygamy... all of these things indicate that sex is primarily about fun... but then, you already knew that.  Jerome might be a misguided fool with unrealistic advice, but he's hardly alone.  Generally speaking, our parents are the first people to tell us questionable information... if information can really be questionable... and thanks to the folks at, we have the "10 Most B.S. Pieces of Advice Adults Give Kids"... and all of them are spot- on.  Subsequently, we also had the "Top 8 Things Your Parents Did That You Swear You'll Never Do".  Today's question:  EVEN THOUGH I WAS TOLD ____, I DISCOVERED SOMETHING DIFFERENT.
His wife doesn't mean it when she says, "sure, go out with your friends."
Masturbation will make you go blind.  It won't... and I should know
Took a bunch of crap from his cousin for not going to college; fast forward and he now makes more money AND has benefits... his cousin doesn't
"If you try your hardest and fail, it's OK"
Dated a black chick in high school... his hillbilly dad had a severe problem with this, but instead of forbidding him to date her, he told him that black women put their menstrual blood in their spaghetti sauce
"You'll live happily ever after"... no you won't
OK bitches, New Original practice.  Playing a gig this Friday (tomorrow... uh oh) at Slim's Last Chance in Georgetown.  Bring your ugly ass there.
Until tomorrow, Park Avenue leads to skid row, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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08/29/2013 6:19PM
SHOW # 1780 AUGUST 29 2013
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