There's something we call 'common sense' and this other thing we call 'common decency' and, frankly, when someone violates any of these things we get really f**king pissed off.  Most cases of road rage are directly related to someone ignoring our agreed upon rules of conduct, and irritates another driver so much that there's a confrontation.  Hell, even in war, you can shoot, blow up, stab and maim as many people as it takes to claim victory... but not with CHEMICAL weapons... Syria.  There are just certain things we believe everyone else should know, do or not do... and when they fail, we believe they are either rude or stupid... or both.  Just how it goes.  Once again we consulted the fine folks at (and by 'consulted', I mean we clicked on the website) and found their list of "Eight Unwritten Rules Everyone Should Know".  The list is solid, but by stopping at eight things, woefully incomplete, so today we asked for your help:  WHAT DO YOU ASSUME EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW OR KNOW HOW TO DO?
How to 'talk down' an angry person.  Can't say I'm sure I'd do a good job.  I'm married and have failed for 6 years straight
Only one person in the revolving door (the actual slot) at a time... especially if it's a stranger
Don't touch a strange dog without permission
People should (but don't) know how to operate a shopping cart at a busy store
Don't state the obvious
Hold the door open for people.  Subsequently, say 'thank you' if they do
If you borrow something from someone, return it promptly and in the same condition
How airport security works... especially if you're gonna be at the f**king airport
Assumes that everyone knows what they want to order at McDonald's
How not to pee on the toilet seat AND how to flush the toilet when you're done
Signal when changing lanes... in other words, use the blinker for the specific purpose it was created
OK, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, stare until it's uncomfortable and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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09/03/2013 5:35PM
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