SHOW # 1783 SEPTEMBER 4 2013

So, it was two or three weeks ago that Ben Affleck was announced as the latest Batman for an upcoming 'Batman vs Superman' movie in the works.  People freaked out... even started an online petition to find a different actor... because this type of thing is 'important'.  Last week (I think), the world freaked out because Miley Cyrus acted like Miley Cyrus on an awards show that encourages people like Miley Cyrus to act like Miley Cyrus.  I'm talking, of course, about her 'twerking' performance at the VMA's.  What's America's latest outrage?  Well, the horny housewives that read '50 Shades of Grey' have made it very clear that they're very unhappy with the recently announced casting of the 2 main leads for the upcoming movie.  Yep... that's the sh*t that matters.  Today's question:  WHAT IS THE LEAST IMPORTANT THING THAT PISSES YOU OFF?
Works as a waitress and hates old people... as customers... not in general
Has OCD and gets very angry when people move things in his car.  Just the car?
The cost of a box of breakfast cereal.  Amen.
Is still disgusted that Tom Cruise played the role of 'Jack Reacher'... mostly because Cruise is about 5 foot 6
Hates crumbs in his butter
People who put the jelly on their PB&J before the peanut butter.  It doesn't make me mad, but to be fair, I always put the peanut butter on first myself.
Shopping carts left in parking spaces
Currently in rehab... for video game and internet addiction... and hates it.  Never met anyone who enjoyed rehab.  Might APPRECIATE it, but no one likes it
When people write checks in the express lane of a grocery store.  I'll add that I hate it when people (women 99% of the time) "think" they have exact change, dump the contents of their purse and after an extensive search, determine, "oh no, I don't have it". 
When people think Seattle is representative of the entire state of Washington
Chocolate chips in breakfast food.  Agree to disagree, friend!
"Unscripted" tv shows... mostly because they are very much scripted.  You want UNscripted, watch sports
The fact that the number of hot dog rolls never matches the number of hot dogs.  Good call!  And why the f**k is that?!?
When couples say "we're pregnant"... unless it's lesbians and both of them happen to pregnant
OK bitches, I'm outta here.  There were a TON more answers, but I have a work thingy I gotta do. 
Until tomorrow, don't stare at it, just touch it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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09/04/2013 6:06PM
SHOW # 1783 SEPTEMBER 4 2013
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