SHOW # 1786 SEPTEMBER 10 2013

It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from or how you were raised, you have one thing in common with every single person around you; you're f**king weird.  It's a fact of life.  Granted, some people are weirder than others, but all of us have some kind of quirk.  You might not THINK you do, but you do.  If you're in a relationship, there's a solid chance that your significant other has pointed it out to you.  If you're lucky enough to be single, think of it like this; other than bathroom visits, if there were cameras in your house recording your every move, what do you think people would comment on the most?  A quirk can be something as innocuous as singing in the shower or as certifiable as only eating soup from red bowls.  We've all got our things, whatever they might be, so today we asked:  WHAT QUIRK ARE YOU WILLING TO ADMIT TO AND WHAT QUIRK FROM SOMEONE ELSE DRIVES YOU NUTS?
Talks to himself in public
Stops everything when he has to fart.  Pretty sure everyone does... or should, anyway
Never mixes his Skittles... eats them one color at a time
Buys all local bands on CD or vinyl, all other bands are Mp3
Chews on random objects all day... I do too
Will only eat breakfast food at breakfast time and gets angry when other people do.  He'd hate me
Doesn't like the food on his plate to touch the other food on his plate.  I'm like that at Thanksgiving
Cuts his toenails until they bleed.  WTF?
His friend microwaves all food first, then puts it in the conventional oven
She only wears panties if she's wearing a dress or a skirt... or on her period.  All other times, she's panty less
Jolene brought us the Top ten Stripper Songs of All Time.  Yea, that one is on there... that one too.  Here's a link:
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, we are the champions, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

09/10/2013 5:18PM
SHOW # 1786 SEPTEMBER 10 2013
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