SHOW # 1790 SEPTEMBER 17 2013

Ever heard of 'Castoreum'?  It's a vanilla- flavored substitute used in alcoholic beverages, baked goods, ice cream, pudding, gum and a bunch of other foods.  While it IS a vanilla substitute, castoreum falls under 'natural ingredients'... because 'castoreum' is the anal secretions of a beaver.  Seriously.  Makes L- Cystein seem downright pleasant.  What is L- Cystein?  That's just a fancy, food- speak way of saying 'human hair'.  If you've ever eaten fast food or a donut from a chain, you've eaten it.  And hell, red dye #4 is just beetle shells boiled in ammonia... and if you ever had a frappacino from Starbucks before 2012, you've enjoyed some boiled beetle shells.  Then there's these two award- winning archaeologists who each swallowed a dead shrew... whole... then analyzed their own poop to see which shrew bones dissolved and which ones didn't.  We've all eaten or ingested something less- than- awesome... sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident.  It leads to today's question:  OTHER THAN ALCOHOL, WHAT WENT INTO YOUR SYSTEM AND HOW LONG DID IT TAKE TO COME UP OR COME OUT?
Swallowed a dime on a $5.oo bet... pooped it out 4 days later
Washing chicken at a restaurant... some of the water splashed into his mouth and made him sick for days
Swallowed her tongue ring... kept thinking she'd find it in her stool... never did
Ate a moldy sweet potato pie... didn't see the mold... but his body responded by throwing it up faster than it had gone down
His brother shot him in the lip with a BB gun when he was 8... it went through his lip and lodged into his jawbone... didn't know that until he was 12 and went to the dentist
Snorted Fun Dip candy... 2 days of burning and purple snot.  The purple snot is kinda cool
In spite of the fact that the ribs had been sitting out for 2 DAYS in 80 degree weather, he was hungry and ate them anyway... when he felt a maggot in his mustache, he got sick
Her son put Old Spice in a sinus spray... her boyfriend sprayed it into his nose and hilarity did NOT ensue
Jolene brought us "10 Celebrities You Didn't Know Released Albums"... and after listening, we know WHY you didn't know.  Ever heard Joe Pesci rap?  No?  Yea, we hadn't either, but that's just a small example of the 'goodness' Jolene had in store.  Here's a link to more of that 'goodness':
OK bitches, I'm outta here like the stratosphere.
Until tomorrow, keep your fingers out of there and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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09/17/2013 5:42PM
SHOW # 1790 SEPTEMBER 17 2013
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