SHOW # #1792 SEPTEMBER 18 2013

In case you missed yesterday's "shot of the day" (5 pm, Monday through Friday) featured a guy with no teeth who was convicted of 'biting' his neighbor's penis following an argument... with his gums.  Pretty standard fodder for the 'shot of the day', but, as it happens, the toothless junk- biter's name is Jason Martin.  About 2 hours after delivering the 'shot of the day', we went to a bar and met a guy named... you guessed it... Jason Martin.  He let me know that he received plenty of texts and emails asking if he was Jason in the story.  They were joking, of course, but, as he pointed out, no one, including him, wants to share a name with anyone ever honored during the 'shot of the day'.... or a serial killer, child molester, murderer, etc.  There are worse things that can happen, even though they're no fault of your own.  A guy with a striking resemblance to George Zimmerman almost got the sh*t kicked out of him in a black neighborhood.  The bigger problem is, he still looks like George Zimmerman... and that's not a good thing because George is ugly.  Today we wanted to know:  WHAT ABOUT BEING YOU IS A PAIN IN THE ASS?
His last name is Hanson... even worse, he was in grade school when the band was "big"
Works hard and never gets a raise... he didn't think it had anything to do with his heroin use
She married a guy with the last name 'Batman', and yes, it pronounced like the super hero.  Been married for 13 years, so she's used to it, but her daughter already asked how old you have to be to legally change your name
He's 5 feet, 1 inch tall.  Thing is, he was a normal sized kid until 7th grade; that's when the growing stopped and the ridicule began. 
His last name is Abbot, which isn't so bad, but his good friend's name is Costello.  True
Has the occasional seizure... on medication now, so it's better, but it still sucks
Has high functioning Asperger’s Syndrome
Stutters when he gets angry, so no one takes him seriously... which makes him angrier... which makes him stutter more
Has PTSD, so large crowds and loud noise stress her out... and she's a sports reporter, so large crowds and lots of noise are the norm
OK bitches, that's a wrap. 
Until tomorrow, keep it sexy and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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09/18/2013 5:23PM
SHOW # #1792 SEPTEMBER 18 2013
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