SHOW # 1796 SEPTEMBER 24 2013

Miles does not, and never has, had sex with his mother or sister... and he's from West Virginia.  I smoke Marlboro Reds, not Newport's or Kool's... and I'm black.  Ted is not a silver spoon- fed kid... even though he's white and from the 'burbs of Washington DC.  And Ben has never, to the best of our knowledge, had sex with an animal... even though he's from Washington state.  Washington, if you don't know, ranks the highest in the country in reports of bestiality.  Don't feel bad (well, not too bad) because we had a list of each state and what they're the worst at.  We also had a list of the sexiest states (no, we didn't make the top 10... or the bottom 10, for that matter).  The thing is, people make assumptions about you based on where you're from, what you do for a living, how you dress, what your name is and the company you keep.  Sometimes these things give a clear indication into your character, but more often than not, these things are misleading, and that's the basis of today's question:  THROUGH NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN, WHAT DO PEOPLE ASSUME TO BE TRUE ABOUT YOU?
People assume he likes to argue because he's in law school
People think he's in the military because he has the look of someone in the military
Both of his parents were doctors, so everyone assumes he was spoiled growing up.  I just assume he was really, really good at the game Operation
Yes, he's tall, but he does not play basketball.  Seems that height is the only requirement to play basketball
Even though he's from Bellevue, he grew up poor.  No one believes him
He's Kenyan, so everyone thinks he can run really fast.  I just figured he could run really FAR.  Incidentally, the first place her lived in America was Arkansas and he "liked" it about as much as you'd think
She has a lot of tattoos, so everyone assumes she's a bad mom.  I'm sure she's a bad mom for some other reason
People assume she cheats on her husband when he's on deployment
He's a cop, so everyone thinks he's a corrupt assh*le.  He's not corrupt!
Female landscaper... works with another woman and everyone thinks that they're lesbians
He's a big guy (300 pounds) and sounds 'angry', so everyone thinks he's an angry dude.  Then again, he's from Flint, Michigan, so THATS why he should be angry
OK bitches, I'm outta this biznitch.  Oh, and thank you spellcheck for letting me know that 'biznitch' is not a word.  What would I do without you?
Until tomorrow, lay your head on concrete and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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09/24/2013 5:20PM
SHOW # 1796 SEPTEMBER 24 2013
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