SHOW # 1797 SEPTEMBER 25 2013

Customers who bought the 20- year reissue of Nirvana's "In Utero" at Silver Platters Records ALSO got a free tattoo of the Nirvana smiley- face logo.  You didn't HAVE to get the tattoo, but if you're a Nirvana super- fan, the opportunity was there to prove your devotion.  Earlier this week, Apple fan- boys proved their (somewhat misplaced) devotion to the latest iPhone by waiting in line overnight.  Camping out the day before a new iPhone release has become par for the course, but you can't doubt their allegiance.  It's like going to a new Star Wars movie, or Star Trek or Harry Potter or the Avengers; a lot of people go, but the guy dressed like Mr. Spock or Thor or Chewbacca... that's the real fan.  Today's question:  WHAT PROVES THAT YOU ARE A SUPER- FAN?
Makes his own costumes for Comic- Con... did a Mr. Freeze costume (Batman enemy) complete with refrigeration
Rob Zombie and Korn... got their autographs on her body and then had them tattoed
The show Firefly... has a ton of memorabilia and is about to get a 'Brown Coats' tattoo.  Yes, there was a theme today; tattoos are the ultimate proof of your devotion
KISW... listens to the station about 10 hours a day
Our show... has stickers of our logo all over the inside of his work truck
The Dallas Mavericks... has their logo tattooed on his leg
The 'Wizard of Oz'... she even wanted to name her daughter Glenda (the good witch), but her husband, mercifully, put the kybosh on it
Has an in- ground pool in the shape of the Rolling Stones lips and tongue logo.  THAT is dedication
He's a fan of the Mariners... he even (foolishly) makes a $50 bet each year with his brother that the Mariners will finish .500 or better.  He openly admits that he loses way more than he wins
OK amigos, I'm outta here like Vladimir... whoever Vladimir is. 
Oh yea, I've posted pictures of my daughter's furniture "art" for your viewing pleasure.  I got a lot of response (positive) after ranting about her desire to write on everything in my house, so, as requested, I've included a small sample of her efforts.
Until tomorrow, rock it like you love it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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09/25/2013 5:48PM
SHOW # 1797 SEPTEMBER 25 2013
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