SHOW # 1801 OCTOBER 1 2013

Home Owners' Associations are notoriously petty.  It's, more or less, the reason they exist.  In extreme cases you get Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, but in most cases you innocuous crap like what's happening in Everett, where a guy is getting grief from his HOA for flying a "12th Man" flag on football Sundays.  It's a rule violation.  Also in Everett, two teenagers got into a fight that ended with a stabbing when they couldn't agree on which of them yelled "shotgun" first as they prepared to go to McDonald's for a late night snack.  And in Florida, an 8- year- old was suspended  for making a pretend gun with his thumb and index finger during a game of cops and robbers.  Yes, America is a first- world country with first- world problems and these are shining examples of such.  We're sure you can relate with an answer to this question:  WHAT SMALL INCIDENT BECAME A REALLY BIG DEAL?
Playing with bb guns... SWAT showed up
Picking his nose and ended up with a 10 minute nose bleed
Their designated driver was pulled over on New Year's Eve... wasn't drunk, but smoked weed and got popped for a DUI
For a senior prank, he and his friends brought a bunch of farm animals to campus... they pooped EVERYWHERE
Got arrested on the way to Mardi Gras while driving through Mississippi... had an old (legitimate) script for Oxy's
Got into an argument with his landlord... landlord (who is a little crazy) started threatening to do stuff to the planes he (the renter) works on, so he called the FAA... landlord lied and said that he (the renter, again) threatened the President (???)... Secret Service got involved
Who doesn't like sex?  When the opportunity presents itself, you go in full throttle, right?  Yea, that's great and all, but every so often, something comes along to ruin the whole thing, and in this case, Jolene presented the '8 Worst songs to Have Sex To'.  Here's the link:
OK bitches, I'm outtie.
Until tomorrow, shake it, don't break it, baby, and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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10/01/2013 6:06PM
SHOW # 1801 OCTOBER 1 2013
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