SHOW # 1802 OCTOBER 2 2013

Bill Gates... you may have heard of him... is co- founder of Microsoft and it's current Chairman of the Board (like Frank Sinatra before him).  Well, three of Microsoft's top twenty investors want to force Bill out of the company?  Why?  They think his presence blocks the "adoption of new strategies".  In other words, Microsoft isn't the trailblazing innovator it once was, and they think it's because Bill is stuck in his old ways.  Some people just don't change.  I get ridiculed for actually mailing my bill payments and, when it comes to music, I prefer it on vinyl.  In fact, if your latest release isn't on vinyl, there's very little chance I'll own it.  To be fair, I never even liked CD's... always been a vinyl guy.  Don't know why.  Not EVERYTHING about me is trapped in the 20th century, but a lot of me is.  I know I'm not alone:  HOW HAVE YOU NOT CAUGHT UP WITH "THE TIMES"?
Still writes letter, but he actually seals them with wax... because he's 374 years old
Can't use a computer... his wife does all the online stuff
Doesn't own a cell phone... probably means he owns an actual camera
Only pays with cash... if it's a big ticket item, he'll withdraw the money from the bank and still pay with actual money
Plays classical music in his car... must LOVE waiting on hold
Buys (not rents) movies and TV shows on DVD
Has an antenna for his TV and no cable
Washes all of his dishes by hand
She just recently got a debit card because people (like me) complained when she wrote checks at the grocery store
Works as an apprentice to a blacksmith
Doesn't email, text, tweet or even own a computer.  I'm tempted to insult him... not because I disagree with anything he does, but because he'll never read this.
Like myself, prefers board games over video games. 
So today was mildly humbling.  See, there were a lot of people who share my views of certain "old school" things, but every person who I share the same 'values' with sounded f**king insane.  Maybe I'm insane?  I dunno.
OK bitches, I'm out.
Until tomorrow, tell me, have you seen her and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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10/02/2013 5:46PM
SHOW # 1802 OCTOBER 2 2013
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