SHOW # 1803 OCTOBER 3 2013

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer retired from the company last Thursday.  We're not quite sure how many people may have been in attendance at his retirement speech, but it's safe to say that there were a LOT of folks pretending to care.  Anyway, when he wrapped up his speech, he started crying and doling out extremely energetic high fives... you know; the kind of high fives you give out when you don't normally give out high fives.  Frankly, it was pathetic, but it was dramatic.  And then there's a video making the rounds that features a woman dancing through her office to celebrate quitting her job.  It's not that the video itself is a big deal, it's just one of those things where everyone who's ever had a job they hate can relate.  There's always talk of making a dramatic entrance, but there's something to be said about making a dramatic exit.  It can be a break- up, leaving a job, getting out of jail or just graduating high school, today we wanted to know:  HOW DID YOU MAKE YOUR DRAMATIC EXIT?
Threw his shirt and hat and shoes into a deep fryer in front of customers when quitting his fast food job
Got thrown out of a bar in Korea... went back in to start a fight, but his sense of self- preservation prevailed and he chose to MOONWALK out of the bar and exit with a pivot.  Got a standing ovation for his efforts
At his high school graduation, he dropped his pants and danced... on stage
Attempted to break out of rehab in Spokane... got arrested for assault in the end.  She started shooting heroin when she was 14, a year after she lost her virginity... went to rehab at 15... currently 17, but is clean and a senior in high school
Bit the head off of a live chicken for $500... was later charged with animal cruelty
His friends chained his bumper to a tree at a bon fire party... when he drove away, the tree fell on his other friend's car
Miles (not our Miles, but another Miles) and Bill joined us today.  Who are Miles and Bill?  They're two of the men who represent the Snohomish County Helicopter Rescue Team, and they came by to share stories of rescue (which are much cooler than any of the stories we have to tell) and the fact that next year they'll be doing a major fundraiser.  See, in spite of the fact that the only thing they do is good, their funding has dried up and without the funding, if you get lost or injured on your hike, well, you're f**ked.  I'll have more info to share with you in the next few months.
OK, time to bid you ado.  Ado. 
Until tomorrow, take me to funky town and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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10/03/2013 5:36PM
SHOW # 1803 OCTOBER 3 2013
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