SHOW # 1805 OCTOBER 8 2013

A couple in England is kicking around the idea of making the ultimate mistake and getting married.  No big deal, couples do that.  However, in this case, the guy agreed to get engaged IF his fiancé- to- be will make him 300 sandwiches.  Now understand that he didn't want 300 sandwiches all at one for some bitchin' party, but one new sandwich each day.  She agreed, and as of today, she's 185 sandwiches deep. These aren't bologna sandwiches on Wonder Bread either; these are snooty- restaurant quality creations.  It helps that she's a sandwich and food blogger, so he's getting treated to some serious breaded treats in return for getting hitched.  weird?  Sure, but whatever works.  In most cases, we get to know our significant others more and more as the years go by and you kinda wish you'd known certain things in advance.  And that's our question:  IF YOU WOULD HAVE KNOWN THEN WHAT YOU KNOW NOW, WHAT DEAL WOULD YOU HAVE MADE WITH YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER?
Married 1 year, been together for 5... the deal would be that he MUST have a 6- pack of Ice House Tall Boys after work.  All he asks for
The deal WAS 2 kids and then she gets a boob job (???)... they had trouble having kids, managed to have one, but no boob job
If he'd known that his wife was only horny when she was drunk, he would have never supported her decision to get sober. 
During the NFL season, never assume that he wants to anything on a Sunday OTHER than watch football
She could no longer get upset when she has to work weekends.  Essentially, she gets angry because he goes out without her
Every conversation would be recorded so that when it becomes 'he said/ she said', they could verify which one of them is in the wrong.  To be fair, he admitted that he's probably equally responsible
She would have to lose the baby weight... 6 years later and still tubby
Today, Jolene brought us some actual new music.  some was good, some was bad, some made me wanna vomit.  

OK bitches, I'm out.
Until tomorrow, hit me with your... don't hit me at all actually, but STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

10/08/2013 6:52PM
SHOW # 1805 OCTOBER 8 2013
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