SHOW # 1814 OCTOBER 23 2013

Bishop Franz- Peter Tebatz- van Elst is better known in the Catholic community as the "Bishop of Bling".  Let's just say that 'piety' and 'humility' aren't this guy's strong suits and earlier this week he was suspended by Pope Francis for his extravagances.  Namely, the Pope is a little pissed off because the 'Bishop of Bling' recently spent $55 MILLION dollars on renovations to his official residence.  He'd been approved to spend $7.5 million, but he overspend by a mere $47.5 million.  But then, who among us doesn't need a $20,000 bathtub, or a $35,000 conference table or a $1,000,000 garden?  Those are just a few of the things the Bishop "had" to have.  On that note, our very own Miles Montgomery just spent $80 earlier today on a hot dog roller for the office... because we need it.  We've been talking about it for weeks and Miles made it a reality.  We had to have it.... just like our disco ball, theremin, fog machine, suit of armor, and fuzzy Uncle Sam hat.  Yep.  leads to today's question:  WHAT DUMB THING DID YOU ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY HAVE TO BUY?
Bought a milk dispenser for a baby's crib... it's like the water dispenser for a hamster cage, only you fill this one with milk  $8
A Nike Fuelband... wore it 3 times and is now under his sofa, where it's been for the last 9 months  $150
Every year at the fair she "has" to get the biggest stuffed animal available
2 fully automatic Nerf guns $120
Because Fred Durst had one (???) he HAD to have a red Yankees cap... his mother had to drive him to 3 different malls before he found one
Bought a pair of 12 inch stiletto heels... realized that they were 'impossible' to wear and now has no idea where they are
A pair of "rave" pants (picture your average Juggalo with all the zippers, chains and pockets) for $218
Bought "strength shoes" so he could finally dunk a basketball... they looked so ridiculous that after wearing them to the gym once (and being laughed at by everyone there) he never wore them again
Got the "One Click Butter Cutter"
Bought himself a titanium spork
OK bitches, time for me to say adios, so adios.
Until tomorrow, one finger at a time and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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10/23/2013 5:22PM
SHOW # 1814 OCTOBER 23 2013
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