SHOW # 1815 OCTOBER 24 2013

A 19- year- old kid in New York City saved his money so he could buy a $349 Ferragamo belt.  Apparently, some of his favorite celebrities wear Ferragamo belts, so he wanted one too.  Anyway, he saved his money, went to Barney's and bought the belt.  As soon as he stepped out of the store, police hauled him away for fraud.  Why?  Quite simply, because he's black.  The cops even said so, wondering how "a young black man could afford such an item".  The worst part is, it was the cashier at Barney's who called the cops... even though his debit card and ID were legit.  He's suing now.  Turns out that young, black men can have jobs and spend their money as they see fit.  Who knew?  Meanwhile in Ireland, authorities were looking for the parents of a blonde, gypsy (Roma) boy.  They took him away from his two adult caregivers, saying that they wanted to find the kid's BIOLOGICAL parents... and, frankly, they had black hair and dark skin, so...  Irish authorities returned the boy to them earlier today after DNA tests proved that they are his parents... much the way they said they were.  Yep.  Today's question:  WHY DO PEOPLE ASSUME THAT YOU'RE THE BAD GUY?
He's not 21 yet, so he can't get the job he wants... he never told us what that job is, so I'm just gonna assume it's an exotic dancer
His driving record sucks
White dude with dreads and, therefore, must be homeless or on drugs or both
He's a guy, so when he got a divorce, he was automatically the bad guy
Used to be a meth- head and a pretty bad guy... he's changed his ways but people only remember his past
Licensed gun carrier... everyone assumes he's up to no good
He's the ex- husband and the weekend father, so everyone (teachers, daycare workers, etc) assume he's the bad guy. 
Used to sell drugs in his younger days... in spite of this, the Mexican drug dealers always thought he was an undercover cop
Girlfriend fell at the doctor's office and got a black eye... when she went back to work, the assumption was that he'd punched her.  This made us ask; why is it that if a woman accuses a guy of hitting her EVERYONE believes her, but if she say he DIDN'T hit her, NO ONE believes them?
He's a cop, so everyone hates him
Bitches, I'm outta this joint.
Until tomorrow, don't eat veggie dogs and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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10/24/2013 5:33PM
SHOW # 1815 OCTOBER 24 2013
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