SHOW # 1816 OCTOBER 25 2013

In Norway, a man was moose hunting.  He spotted a moose, aimed his rifle, pulled the trigger and... missed.  He did, however, manage to shoot a 70- year- old man in the stomach.  See, the old man was sitting an outhouse trying to take a crap when the bullet intended for the moose blew through the wall and hit him in the abdomen.  He's expected to make a full recovery, but no one needs to be shot while taking a dump.  That's even an unwritten rule here in the Men's Room.  It's just wrong.  Meanwhile, yesterday in Massachusetts, an elementary school was put on lockdown after a woman started "frantically" trying to get inside.  She tried opening several locked doors before police showed up.  Turns out that she just really needed to go to the bathroom.  No one is saying if it was a #1 or a #2, but in my experience, when it gets to 'that' point, it's a #2... but who knows?  These two stories bring us to today's question:  WHAT WAS YOUR MOST UNFORTUNATE MOMENT WHEN NATURE CALLED?
Sorry bitches, got very distracted today... by poop, it seems. 
Have yourselves a fantastic weekend.  I'll be having a pre- Thanksgiving dinner with the members of the New Originals on Saturday and then off for a new tattoo on Sunday. 
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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10/25/2013 6:09PM
SHOW # 1816 OCTOBER 25 2013
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