SHOW # 1818 OCTOBER 29 2013

One thing we know to be true of celebrities and the meg- rich are their penchants for lavish non- necessities.  Michael Jackson had an amusement park built in his yard, Paul Allen owns, among other things, a submarine, Jay Leno collects classic cars, Johnny Depp, Sir Richard Branson and creepy David Copperfield each own their own islands, Mike Tyson bought a two million dollar bathtub, Kim Bassinger bought an entire f**king town in Georgia for $20,000,000, Victoria Beckham spent $36,000 on a gold- plated cell phone, and on and on and on and on it goes.  Well, Kanye West, who's determined to follow- through on his ill- advised marriage to Kim Kardashian, just announced that they will have two fighter jets fly over the wedding.  Of course they will.  Why wouldn't they?  Most of us don't have that kind of cash to blow on absolute nonsense, but that hasn't necessarily stopped you from blowing the cash you do have on absolute nonsense.  Today we asked you to share:  WHEN DID YOU SAY "TO HELL WITH COST!" AND GO FOR THE EXTRAVAGANCE? 
With a few exceptions, today's answers revolved predominantly around sports and cars.  Seems that if we're gonna blow a lot of cash on something, it's a sporting event or transportation.  That tells me that these two things are, generally, overpriced. 
That being said, most people wouldn't spend $80 to eat a hot dog... but then, most people aren't us.  We've been talking about it for the last few weeks, and as of today, we finally fired up our hot dog roller... like the ones you see at 7-11 and other fine establishments.  It's been rolling all day and, frankly, (no pun intended) the studio smells awesome.  The dogs themselves?  Delicious.  Might be our best investment yet.
On that note, Jolene joined us for Sit and Spin and brought us the Top 10 Hot Dog songs.  Here's the link:
Until tomorrow, slip, slide and STAY BEAUTIFUL!!

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10/29/2013 5:39PM
SHOW # 1818 OCTOBER 29 2013
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