SHOW # 1820 OCTOBER 2013

Parents can do some things that just make us, their children, cringe.  Maybe it's suffering through a sex scene in a movie... and they comment on the action, or they hit a midlife crisis and normally bald father starts rocking the dreaded toupee.  The Daily Mail came up with a list of the 10 most cringe- worthy moments with your parents and the above represents two of them.  Then there's a story out of Belgium that you'll probably find disturbing.  First, you should know that in Belgium, euthanasia is legal for people 18 and older.  If you're an adult and feel the need for an assist in your wish, Belgium's got you covered.  Here's where it gets f**ked up; the Belgium government is now considering extending the right to children... as long as they have the consent of their parents.  Think about that.  Sure, as a parent, there are times I wanna "kill" the kids, but figuratively.  The idea of signing off on their literal death is just messed way the f**k up.  Just me?  Nevertheless, in Belgium, I suppose there are just enough parents out there willing to have their kids killed to justify the consideration of the bill.  I'm all for parents supporting their kids decisions, but Goddamn.  Look, maybe your parents were the cool ones who let you and your knuckle- head friends underage drink in the basement or they encouraged you to beat the sh*t out of the assh*le neighbor kid, but today we wanted to know:  WHAT WERE YOU SHOCKED YOUR PARENTS WERE COOL WITH?
At age 14, he stole weed from his mother... when he got busted, they started smoking weed together
When he was 17, his mother forged a doctor's note so he could skip school and see Metallica
Was "astonished" when his 62- year- old father was busted at a motel in Eugene, Oregon... for dealing 10 pounds of meth
Was surprised when his "super- Christian" parents let him listen to metal
Black chicks!
Parents bought him a keg for senior skip day
Found out that his 'conservative' dad used to do copious amounts of drugs back in 'the day'
Got out of jail for assault, let out of prison, returns home and started smoking weed... with his mom
Mom would buy him beer if he promised not to do drugs... held to the promise... until he moved out of the house
There you go, bitches.
Until tomorrow, I'm coming to get ya... so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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10/31/2013 5:23PM
SHOW # 1820 OCTOBER 2013
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