SHOW # 1819 OCTOBER 30 2013

There are just some things you should know.  In particular, if it's something that you claim bothers you.  For example, the media is having a field day pretending that the website glitches at are on par with a national tragedy.  There was even a Congressional hearing about it.  Not to rain on the media's parade, but, if you're having trouble with the website, call 1 800 318 2596.  You can sign up and get coverage that way too.  How no one has mentioned that with their pathetic 24- hour news cycles is beyond me... but it tells you all you need to know about your "news" organizations.  Furthermore, there is no difference between 'Obamacare' and the Affordable Healthcare Act; they're one in the same.  Doesn't matter your political affiliation, they're the same thing.  Here in Washington State there's a major battle brewing over genetically modified foods.  Whether or not they're labeled is at the heart of it, but some folks have their dander up because the very thought of genetically modifying food is a bit of an apocalyptic nightmare to them.  Sounds a little too 'sci- fi' for their comfort... and on some level it does sound sci- fi. It's also a former and current reality... and you've been eating GMF's for most of your life.  Seedless grapes, seedless watermelon, bananas, broccoli, papayas, most sugars, wheat and soy products are genetically modified... and have been for decades.  Then there's more trivial and abundantly more obvious things you should know.  Back in 2007, current Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was drafted by the Buffalo Bills.  Since Buffalo is in New York (state) Lynch believed (in his own words) that he'd be hanging out with Jay- Z... who lives in New York CITY.  Buffalo is almost twice as far away from NYC as Seattle is from Portland.  And 'actress' Julianne Hough issued an apology last weekend after attending a muckety- muck Halloween party in Beverly Hills.  She showed up in black- face.  Guess she never got the 135 year- old memo.  Nobody is perfect and no one knows everything, but:  WHAT DID YOU JUST RECENTLY FIND OUT THAT MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE ALREADY KNOWN?
Found out that a woman he used to date used to be a MAN, BABY.  In case you're wondering, he ran outside and puked when he found out
Thought 'fromage' was a type of cheese, but 'fromage' is French for 'cheese', so no matter what type of cheese you're eating, it's fromage.  In his case, a girl ate a piece of brie and commented that it was really good fromage; he said, "no, this is brie".  And then she laughed at him.
Her boyfriend only realized that Seatac and Sea- Tac are combinations of Seattle and Tacoma
Only recently discovered that canned tuna is not raw tuna... it's cooked tuna in a can
Thought that reindeer were just regular deer that were dolled up at the holidays... didn't know they were an actual animal
This is, by far, the best answer of the day:  found out 2 years ago (at the age of 21) that July 4th is actually celebrated on the 4th day of July.  Thought it was like Labor Day or Thanksgiving, where the date floats... in spite of the fact that the date is in the name
I can't stop farting today.  Now you know.
Until tomorrow, make sure the sausage is cooked all the way and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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10/30/2013 5:22PM
SHOW # 1819 OCTOBER 30 2013
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