SHOW # 1821 NOVEMBER 1 2013

This past Wednesday, eight sixth- graders in Brooklyn were hospitalized from a "noxious odor" in their classroom.  The entire school was shut down as authorities scrambled to figure out the source.  Turns out that it was Axe Body Spray.  Yep.  Keep in mind that the student responsible for spraying it wasn't playing a prank or anything, he only sprayed himself.  Instead of being mobbed by horny women, he sent 8 kids to the hospital and faces disciplinary action... for using it in the first place.  (???)  As far as smells go, if you're like me, and you love you some Sriracha sauce, just know that it, apparently, tastes way better than it smells.  It's produced in Irwindale, in Southern California, and residents there took legal action in an attempt to shut down the factory, complaining about the "pungent smell of pepper and garlic emanating from the factory".  Unfortunately for the residents, but fortunately for the rest of us, a judged has denied their attempt, so the Sriracha will keep flowin'.  Bad smells have a profound way of burning themselves into our memories and today we asked you to share those memories:  PERSON, PLACE OR THING, WHAT'S THE WORST THING YOU EVER SMELLED?
Chicken that had been left for MONTHS in an unplugged freezer
Was in Mongolia with the National Guard... raw sewage all over the streets
The smell of the contents of an abscess on his cat's ear... they didn't have much money so they lanced it themselves... and regretted it
On a flight from South Korea to Alaska... one of his buddies had eaten kimchee for the first time and pooped himself on the plane.  This made several people puke... and for 6 hours at 30,000 feet, everyone had to endure the stench of recycled air
50 gallons of raw sewage... in his basement
A forgotten protein shake that sat in a car in the Sun for 5 or 6 days.  We had a few answers involving forgotten protein shakes
Worked in the OR of a hospital and the one smell he'll never forget is the contents of a perforated colon
Ellensburg, Washington
The 'ear jam' that builds up around the plugs of his gauged ears
His dog currently has infected anal glands and, apparently, it's easy to tell
The vats in back of Costco where chicken waste goes.  ANYTHING that has chicken waste in it smells like death
Used to be a trash man and, as he says it, summertime is a bad time to be a trash man
Served in Iraq and his most memorable stink is the smell of human feces being incinerated with diesel fuel
Today's show was the kind of show that might prevent you from eating for awhile.  Apologies.  Then again, we had someone text us that today's show made them both hungry and horny.  Go figure.
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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11/01/2013 5:11PM
SHOW # 1821 NOVEMBER 1 2013
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11/03/2013 1:14AM
Hola Bitches! The worst thing I have ever smelled was the time I was working for the Mohave County Sheriff's Jail in Arizona. This Jail was built with bricks and Iron. One winter night, an inmate was brought in drunk as a skunk looking like he had been camping for 10 years and I was the lucky guy appointed to book him in Jail. The guys upstairs could smell this inmate. Every inmate booked in jail is reduced to minimal clothing to reduce the risk of inmate assaults and suicides. So, no belts, jackets, shoes, etc. I gloved up and held my cool as much as I could until he took his shoes and socks off. This guy had gangrene on his toes and his socks were so stiff they stood up when he removed them. Two female officers vomited into the booking trashcan I gagged a good 25 times before I put this guy in the shower. WORST SMELL EVER! Joshua, The Machinist
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