SHOW # 1824 NOVEMBER 6 2013

Ever fall asleep at work?  If so, you're not alone.  About one- in- five people (22%) admit to having fallen asleep while on the job.  Women are more likely to take a 'work nap' and accountants, more than any other profession, are most likely to fall asleep at work.  I don't think that needs an explanation.  The most shocking thing about 'work naps' (in my opinion, anyway) is the average on- the- clock snooze fest lasts 47 MINUTES!  If you can slumber for almost an hour while at work... and no one notices... you have a worthless job.  While your boss and/ or your coworkers might frown on your work z's, there are worse places to fall asleep.  Boring as the average wedding is, falling asleep at one is a no- no... although, falling asleep at a funeral probably trumps that.  I think we can all agree that sleeping while driving is one of the worst scenarios.  This past Monday in Dallas, a woman driving home after a 13- hour work shift drifted into dreamland and crashed... coincidentally... into a MATRESS store.  Sort of convenient.  Truth is; other than being in bed, there are few times that falling asleep works in our favor... and that's what we wanted to talk about today:  WHAT DID YOU END UP MISSING BECAUSE YOU WERE ASLEEP?
Went to a strip club... his buddy fell asleep in the front row before the main act came out.  How lame was that strip club? 
He was supposed to go skydiving with his sister and fiancé, but he overslept.  I went skydiving once and would like to do it again.  Don't oversleep
Went to her 1st Ozzfest and tried to go beer for beer with her husband... she did... and THAT'S why she passed out and missed the show
Thanks to an inability to gauge his level of sobriety, he habitually misses the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve
Almost missed his exit... BECAUSE HE WAS ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL.  I think the more succinct answer would have been "I almost missed out on growing old"
Slept through a tornado.  Grew up in Kansas and lived in mobile home (of course).  By the time he woke up, the tornado had already passed, but not before tearing the roof off of his trailer.  Insists that he's a light sleeper now
Missed his wedding reception
Fell asleep during Stryper concert... if you're familiar with Stryper you'll understand why
Missed his 21st birthday.  Come on, man, that's the big one
Both he and his wife slept through the first night of their honeymoon
Missed out on a threesome as a result of falling asleep. 
Slept through a 8- person orgy that COULD have been a 9- person orgy
OK bitches, I'm done for the day.  Have yourselves a fantastic night... or don't.  Totally up to you.
Until next time, do what you best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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11/06/2013 6:40PM
SHOW # 1824 NOVEMBER 6 2013
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